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Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Life’s just had to take over. As you know, we’ve been working on a big project at home where we’ve dug out our basement and revamped the house. While I can report that the Bisson’s are home (AT LAST!), it’s been a bit of an uphill struggle.

Having a lot of worry caused by fairly toxic people that have no regard for your home or family has put an enormous amount of pressure on me and the gang. The last three months have been a slog, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going – or so they say.

Life as a full time mum is an order of magnitude more stressful that those salad days of my 20s when my biggest concern was what I’d wear on a Friday night. There are more considerations, more dependencies and these little dependents who don’t quite understand when you’re stretched.

Then there’s the guilt factor. I don’t know a mother that doesn’t project some sort of guilt on herself. Am I good enough? Am I doing enough? All that white noise that we allow to creep in is just so needlessly punishing on so many levels.

On Instagram I discovered someone who has set herself up as the antidote to this – Hollie de Cruz alias @Theyesmummum. Primarily a hypnobirthing guru, Hollie’s the creator of Yes Mum cards: simple cards with strong messages.

I didn’t think too much about her feed until I noticed that somehow, when I needed it the most, her simple life messages would pop up in my feed and give a little perspective to a situation or spread a little much-needed positivity that allowed me to reset and push on.


The Yes Mum cards have been a huge success and Hollie’s extended her range to include teens, dads, entrepreneurs, couples on a fertility journey, mothers struggling with feeding and expectant mothers.

She’s gained a celebrity fan in Ferne Cotton who often posts messages from her Yes Mum cards.  Life as a grown up can be a little overwhelming. Who knew your 30’s where this full on? And the pressures that we all feel are real and sometimes the simplest of things can make you feel better.

Check her out, follow her and buy her cards – they are like a warm hug on a cold morning and we all need one of those on tough days whether it’s your Ukrainian builder throwing a tantrum or your two year old: sometimes some wise words are all you need.

I can’t tell you how great it is to be home and I cant wait to share all the details with you once everything’s looking just so.

Love Mummy B







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