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Last Friday was a Friday 13th. It was also World Kindness Day.

I was taking a flight to Cannes where Daddy B had been working for most of the week. The last fortnight or so had been crazy busy and we’d been passing like ships in the night – so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a little time together and catch up with some wonderful friends that have the very good fortune of living there.

It was a rare treat to travel en solo. I took the opportunity to relax with a coffee and enjoy a bit of ‘me time’. I was so chilled out not having my lovely little family in tow, with my head in some wonderful blogs, I almost missed my flight and had to make a mad dash for the gate. Why, even when I don’t have children with me, do I end up being a little hapless, stressed and hotter than the sun? It must’ve been the Friday the 13th factor.

Finally aboard (and just in time), I scrambled around scanning for space to pop my case. Eventually, I found an opening and heaved to lift my bag. As I was just about to push the case in, a gentleman sitting down snapped that I mustn’t as it would crease his jacket. I explained politely that it was the only space left and I’d be really careful, but he was having none of it. I was just about to pull the case back down when the air steward stepped up, shoved the case in the locker and slammed it shut, turning on his heels and disappearing back up the aisle before anyone had chance to object.

I trundled to my seat feeling slightly upset by this complete lack of compassion on World Kindness Day. It’s fair to say Big D at the tender age of 3 has greater sharing skills than the gentleman en route to the Med.

When I met Daddy B and went to his house for the first time, I noticed he had a sign on the inside of his cupboard which read: “Work hard and be kind to people”. It struck me that this was a sign of a jolly good egg, but experiences like mine on the flight remind me just how important the second part of that statement is.

Once I arrived in Cannes, I had a lovely time until just before bedtime, when we switched on the TV to see the news of the multiple terrorist attacks in Paris. Any trifles in my own life paled immediately into utter insignificance. I just felt so sad that we live in a World where these horrific actions are even a reality.

My thoughts turned to my children and their innocence and freedom. I hope to teach my girls everything I’ve learned on life’s little journey as I travel down this path of parenthood, but kindness is at the top of my list. If my children fail to be kind then I have failed as a parent.

As a Mummy juggling children, prams, bags and just navigating our way through life, please be kind to us. We know we take up a bit too much room on the bus, that we might take a little longer crossing the road and tend to take up a fair bit of pavement, but we are just trying to do our best. Be kind to each other and teach our children that it’s cool to be kind.

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and all those innocents that have lost their lives. #prayforparis

Love Mummy B



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