New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!featured

January is the month when I finally have to shed the last of my baby weight.  It’s been hanging around my midriff like barnacles hitchhiking on a gray whale for too long. Well now the free ride must stop!

Little D is nine months old at the end of the month, and if I don’t act now this excess baggage will be with me forever: it’s time to take some drastic measures!  As they say, ” nine months on, nine months off” – the clock is ticking.

First, I have to kit myself out with a new gym outfit and trainers to motivate myself and commit to the challenge.  Popping into Sweaty Betty was a workout in itself, with Big D haring around the shop and generally being her hilarious, cheeky self (it’s amazing how much you can get away with when you have a cute smile)!

Next, it’s time to cross the threshold into the gym… It’s been 12 months and, I’m not going to lie, the prospect of reintroducing exercise and dietary discipline after a year of  sitting around with my children and eating guilt free goodness-knows-what (you have got to love breast feeding for that reason alone), is pretty scary!

Plucking up the confidence to put Little D in the creche for the first time was pretty tough, but we survived, and Mummy B is back on the gym wagon. It was great to release some energy and I actually loved having some me time.

Finally, the diet.  I’m totally that mummy that happily hoovers up the left-overs – after a few years of practice I’ve even become partial to the odd mouthful of puree – baby shepherds pie mixed with a little milk can actually taste delicious and Ella’s, when on-the-run, can be a surprising mouth party. No wonder Little D’s eyes light up when she sees the brightly colored packet emerge from my nappy bag.

I decided I needed a jump start to try and get me in the right mind-set and to curb my sugar cravings, so I enlisted the help of a great diet delivery service for two weeks. Perhaps surprisingly, it was an enjoyable (if slightly stoical) experience.

Two weeks later and 5 pounds lighter I’m feeling gym-bunny-tastic. Millie Mackintosh abs, here I come! OK, so not quite, but it’s a start…

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