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What a wonderful 8 weeks it’s been, but I’ll admit I’m dipping for the finish line and looking forward to school starting and life resuming to normality (even if it’s a tad boring in comparison).

We kicked off the break with a trip to Giffords Circus, trips to the park in the sunshine, had play dates with friends we can’t see during term time and took our London life a bit slower.

Little D loved watching the ‘In the Night Garden’ play, which led to her rediscovering the almost forgotten joys of Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy.

Then we went to see family in Jersey which is always a joy (love, love, LOVE), and it’s great to get some clean air and let the children run free on endless beaches.

Next, it was off to Spain for August – which is always such a treat and I feel so lucky to have a family home there to decamp to and get us out of the City into the sunshine. I adore how relaxed we can be there and how the girls can come out with us in the evenings which they love to do. In fact, I didn’t have a single night in as the girls would plead with us to take them out and go and get their dresses out ready to party. We couldn’t help but indulge them. 26 nights out on the bounce – that has to be a record for my thirties!

As the sunny days rolled into weeks, my little wild ones started to unravel slightly and there was a soupcon of trouble in paradise until they took a daily siesta and recharged, but this usually wasn’t taken until an ice-cream had been consumed with another demanded promptly after wake-up.

I found myself getting more and more relaxed when it came to parenting. A bit of screen time here and there so I can finish my glass of rose and chat became a daily expectation, ice-cream the size of my daughters head that I had refused at the start of the holiday was now becoming the norm because she asked me 5 times and I caved.

Slowly but surely, I felt myself losing the upper hand in our little dynamic. The Boss was getting bossed!Β  I was losing control but everyone seemed happy and things don’t count when your on holiday.

Since returning to London where I have to be more disciplined than I would probably choose, everyday life seems to be causing a few issues with my Little Wild Ones who are currently anarchists running wild around the streets.

Like ice in the sun Little D melted down in the supermarket today when she spotted the ice-creams and couldn’t get her Cornetto fix. Didn’t like being told that holidays are over!

I’m also missing my lunchtime glass of blush. But I guess all good things come to an end.

So I stand at the precipice of a new term with mixed feelings. I’ll miss lazy days on the beach with little to worry about other than making sure their factor 50 is topped up.

But Summer’s lease is short. Routine, rules and structure are the real tools for keeping my family happy, at least in the Big Smoke. And while we adjust back to normality I know school and nursery will give us all the balance we need to get the best out of each other.

Summer has been brilliant and wonderful memories made. So tomorrow after drop-off I’ll enjoy (well kind of) heading to the gym to try and shift all the excess, and then I might just sit at home and enjoy some peace and quiet. I reckon it will be five minutes of solitude before I start missing the little crazies like crazy!

Wherever you’ve been, I hope you’ve had a wonderful Summer.

All the best for Michaelmas.

Love Mummy B


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