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I’ve never really struggled to know what to wear to an occasion, and love to dress up at every possible opportunity. But when deciding what to wear to give birth, I was stumped. I wanted to wear something that made me feel comfortable, beautiful and maternal. In the last month of my pregnancy, this became a bit of an obsession.

I asked countless fellow mummies, most of whom replied that it was highly likely I’d end up naked (which frankly terrified me more than the thought of giving birth at that point!). Trawling the internet for a solution that ticked all the boxes was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

My dream outfit needed to comfortably take me through the journey of early labor to the moment of truth and provide easy access to my body should any unforeseen medical emergencies occur – but all the while keeping me somewhat decent!

At the time, I never did really find my perfect birthing outfit despite my efforts. Instead, I packed for every eventuality. If anyone saw my hospital bag, they’d have thought I was heading to NY Fashion Week, not the hospital! (For info on what I did to prepare for the big day, check out my blog, How to give birth like a princess – How to look great after giving birth.)

A dear friend of mine told me that when I had my first contractions I should jump in the bath and wash and blow-dry my hair, light candles and relax as it would be a long time before I’d need to get to hospital.

So I ran that bath, dipped in a toe and between regular bouts of mooing like a cow and throwing myself into an awkward squatting position, quickly realised that this was not the time for preening: Big D was on her way and as always she was making her presence known.

I needed to get to hospital quickly but, as I was warned, I couldn’t bear having clothes on. I can’t actually remember what I wore to hospital in the end – it was such a blur – but I do recall having to walk along the bright corridors with my butt hanging out of my hospital gown (the thought of which still makes me shudder – not my finest hour!).

I’ve recently come across a beautiful brand called James Fox Co. This husband/wife duo create beautiful gowns for birthing goddesses. Inspired by their own experience bringing life into the world, these kaftans (sorry gowns) look good enough to wear in Ibiza, but have all the functionality you want. The back fully opens for those who choose an epidural (I couldn’t get one quick enough!) and the shoulders snap back for that all important skin-on-skin moment. The Purple Ikat and the Koko are a hit for me, both priced at $130.00 (£84.77). If I knew this company existed almost four years ago, I’d have lived in their maternity wear for the first few weeks of motherhood.

I genuinely believe that if you dress the part you’ll feel confident and empowered. A bit of me thinks I may have been a better birthing hero had I been looking this stylish!

If you are due soon like two of my beautiful friends, I wish you all the best of luck. If you have a friend that is expecting please share this with them as like me they may be wondering what to wear for this momentous occasion.

Love Mummy B


P.S This is a company with a conscience and a cause, which I think is awesome!

James Fox Co believe that every mother should have the opportunity to bring her child into this world as safely as she can.  Because of this, they have partnered with the GEM Foundation in Kampala, Uganda to help purchase and distribute the “Maama Kits” (available to buy on their website) to expectant mothers in need.

The “Maama Kit” is designed to help women in Uganda deliver their babies safely. The pack reduces the risk of vaginal and eye infections, tetanus and diarrhea, all of which may occur in bad hygiene conditions.

Ugandan women going into labor are required to bring the “Mama kit” with them before they can even be seen by a physician.  Without the kit they are not able to deliver their baby in a hospital.

The kit costs less than 20,000 Ugandan Schillings (UGX) (£7.82) but for many women this is simply out of their reach.

Your purchase will provide 1 Maama Kit that includes the following items:

  • Preparation Sheet
  • Gloves to prevent bacterial infections and HIV
  • New Razor Blades to cut the umbilical cord
  • Bars of Soap
  • Cotton wool for cleaning the mother and child
  • Cord Ties
  • Plastic sheet on which the mother gives birth
  • Child Growth Card
  • Guide for a clean and healthy birth

Together we can make a difference as MOTHERS HELPING MOTHERS.  


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