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On Friday at 4:50pm, I became an Aunty for the fourth time to another wonderful bouncing boy.

Weighing in at a healthy 8lbs, this perfect package was delivered safely into his parents’ arms with abundant joy. In a split second, life changes once more for them, as they go from being a little family of 3 to a unit of 4.

I missed the birth of Cousin O as I was celebrating a great friend’s wedding when his surprise arrival took place. But this time nothing was going to stop me from getting those early cuddles.

Less than 3 hours’ later, I snuck into the maternity unit to meet my darling little nephew and soak up that special moment. There really isn’t anything that beats welcoming a newborn into the world. No matter the manner of their arrival, all those emotions and instinctive feelings of love unconditionally, protect and cherish are incomparable to anything else.

Even though we’ve made the decision to stop at two children, it’s so hard not to want to do it all over again when you have that perfect little person in your arms.

Next day, I went to hang out with my new nephew and sister at the hospital to get some special bonding time and to care for my darling sister while hubby went home to catch some sleep. It was such an eye opener. Each time I’ve been in hospital having my babies I’ve never really noticed anyone else around me. I was amazed how different the birthing experience can be. Some, like my sister and me, had c-sections, a lot were having trouble feeding, others were just delirious with exhaustion having been induced days previous. All were amazingly strong in their way and it’s so easy to focus on your failings when emotions and hormones are kicking off and forget how amazing you are for growing a human being inside you and bringing a new life into the world.

Those early days are infinitely precious but they can also be testing and turbulent for so many mums – me included.

Here’s to all you amazing, brilliant, birthing beauties out there with your newborn wonderkids. Making it up as you go and not having all the answers, wearing the biggest knickers you’ve ever seen with comedy boobs that are super sore and feeling like a narcoleptic. Remember you are quite incredible – so don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’m officially addicted to my new nephew, Little Cousin O (yes, it seems I have a thing for D names and my sister had a thing for O names – the quad shall henceforth be known as DODO!!). He is just the sweetest, most content, little lush. Big D is besotted. She’s into her dollies at the moment, so having cuddles with a real life baby is such a treat. Little D is so taken with her new cousin she even gave him her jelly rabbit (Fi-Fi – the love of her life), as a token of friendship.

Welcome to the world my little friend. I’m so excited to see you grow and flourish. By the way, you lucked out: your mummy rocks!

And well done, Auntie H. You are a total trooper, an amazing mummy and I’m just so proud of you and excited to see how this wonderful new chapter will unfold.

Love Mummy B





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