‘Twas the night before Christmas…

‘Twas the night before Christmas…featured

Presents are wrapped, stockings hung on the mantlepiece and the sense of joyous anticipation hangs in the air.

The biggest day of the year for Big D and Little D has almost arrived.

This has been the most wonderful advent period ever. The Spirit of Christmas has taken over the Bisson household – and I’ve been loving every second of it.

The girls have been whipped up into a frenzy of candy canes and sugarplum faeries. Tonight, as the full moon rose low over Suffolk, Big D was adamant she could hear the sound of distant sleigh bells.

My fingers are numb from present wrapping, but Big D keeps telling me “Mummy, Christmas is a time for giving and sharing” – hopefully a message that will be remembered tomorrow. #MummyGoals

I am literally bursting with excitement at the prospect of our little ones waking up, rubbing their eyes as they find their stockings filled with pressies and then running to our bedroom on Christmas morn to open them – just like I used to do when I was a little girl.

Wherever you are, have a wonderful Christmas for those of you who celebrate it. I hope it brings you love, laughter and immense joy.

Merry Christmas!

Love Mummy B

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