Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Santa Claus is Coming to Townfeatured

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

December has been magical.  Big D can hardly contain her excitement – constantly chattering about Father Christmas and the delights he will deliver down the chimney.

Both girls received a letter handwritten by Santa Claus himself, all the way from North Pole.  The wonderful people at the NSPCC can arrange this and a donation to this most worthy cause is one of the best gifts of Christmas.

This is the first year Big D has ‘got it’ and, oh my, is she excited! One of our lovely friends bought Big D the Story of the Nativity last year, and she has been curious throughout Advent to learn more about this other little baby.

Little D is 8 months old and has just turned a big corner – starting to sleep through the night.  What a difference, and just in time for the festive season!

Christmas is spent with the Grandparents in Suffolk.  We all love to escape to the country and get some R&R, while the Grandparents enjoy quality time with the girls.

This year was the year of Frozen!  Grandma ransacked the Disney store, while I tried to keep gifts a little more traditional. However, it was Auntie H who won the best gift award, wading in with a Princess Anna costume.  Thankfully, in Big D’s mind, Father Christmas made them all himself, in Lapland.

Daddy B bravely took it upon himself to top up my wardrobe, which has been looking a bit sorry for itself since pregnancy. I loved my blouse from Claude Pierlot, 360 Contour AG black jeans and my Neon boots.

As a family we all love to get dressed up and Christmas is no exception – giving Mummy Bisson the opportunity to dress the girls in matching outfits from Trotters on the King’s Road, creating long lasting photo memories to giggle over in years to come.

This year we took it one step further and got Cousin O in on the action…. Just call them the Von Trapps!

Merry Christmas, all of you!

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