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I have a few dear friends who have the fortune to be welcoming their first babes into the world over the summer months ahead, so now seems like a good time to publish Mummy B’s Ultimate Baby List, to help lovely new mummies-to-be prepare for their imminent arrivals.

I’ve yet to experience anything more exciting than welcoming a new baby into the world. All you want is for everything to be perfect for your baby, but with so much baby paraphernalia available, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. It’s easy to over-buy or, worse, under-buy and find yourself slightly stuck. Trust me, you won’t want to be hitting the shops with a newborn in tow!

Obviously this is a personal list, but it’ll hopefully give you a steer as to what you need to be fully equipped – leaving you free to focus on (and fawn over) your lovely newborn.

(Where there are particular brands that I have loved and which have stood the test of time these are mentioned with links to their websites.)

Baby List

Baby Carrier (I don’t think you can beat the Baby Bjorn, but I may be biased!)

Pushchair – See my recent blog on pushchairs to research some of your options.

Nursery Furniture (Obviously, it depends on the size of room etc.)

Moses Basket

Coconut Coir/Wool Mattress with a bamboo cover for both the moses basket and cot. I bought natural fibers/no nasties as I just felt that it was the best thing for such precious, unpolluted, little poppets.

Bouncy Chair

Baby Bath Mould

Bath Towel – I really love The Little White Company with the tiny bear ears. Too cute!

Baby Bjorn travel cot. So light and practical and the mattress is comparably thick and comfortable. I even pop it in the car when heading to friends for a playdate during Little D’s nap. Literally takes 10 seconds to put up and down. A little bit on the pricey side when looking at comparisons but remember this item is likely to be in your life for potentially the next 10 years depending on how you grow your family, so it’s a great investment.


6 x Toweling Squares (Ideal for popping on to your changer to make it nice and comfortable)

2 x Warterproof Protector Pram/Moses

2 x Waterproof Protector Sheet – Flat cot

3 x Fitted Sheet for Pram

3 x Fitted sheet for Moses Basket

2 x Cellular Blankets (Cotton & Cologne do some really cute ones – ideal for the Moses basket and pram)

2 x Cellular Cot blanket

1 x Pram Blanket (Although someone may gift you a beautiful one if you’re lucky, so you may want to hold off!)

6 x Muslin Squares

3 x Swaddling Clothes (I loved my Bambino Merino ones as they create a microclimate around baby’s body to help regulate body temperature naturally and as babies can’t regulate their temperature themselves it gave me peace of mind.  They’re also amazing to swaddle with as they wrap so tightly.)


Baby Monitor

Baby Thermometer ( I loved my Braun Thermoscan as it’s super accurate and used by doctors. 3 years on and it still works perfectly and goes everywhere with us so it has been a great investment.)


Nappy Bin and refills (I love the Korbell Nappy Disposal System as it is really great at keeping smells in!)

Changing Mat

Nappies (Buy a few bumper packs)

Cotton Wool

Wipes (I always use Water Wipes to begin with as they are chemical free).

Mother and Feeding

Lansinoh Nipple Cream

3 x Lansinoh Breast Pads – Pack of 60

Medela Nipple Shields (2pack)

3 x Pack of Natracare Maternity Towels

Medela Swing 2 phase Personal Breastpump (I have used a couple and I really do believe this is the best on the market)


4 x Baby Bottles (I would choose a few different types as babies can be quite fussy and when your newborn is hungry and needs milk you’ll want to have your options open!)

2 x Dummies, if you want to use one?

10 x packs of Aptamil. A friends told me to have this ready just in case I couldn’t breast feed and thank goodness she did. After my c-section my milk took 5 days to come in and I had top up feeds until my body caught up to Big D’s feeding demands.

I haven’t included any clothing items as I’m guessing like me that no matter what I tell you you’ll ignore it and go crazy buying every adorable little romper you come across – and why not?! That is one of the many joys of becoming a parent. You suddenly cease to notice that chic blouse you would have died to get your hands on and the latest must-have bag – all you can think of is your little one!

If you are expecting soon then good luck – I wish you the very best on this most amazing journey. If you ever need any help or have any questions please do get in touch and I will do my very best to help.

Love Mummy B










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