The trials and tribulations of being two

The trials and tribulations of being twofeatured

Two year olds are curious creatures. Discovering their little personalities, but not yet understanding (or in any way being close to controlling) their emotions.Β  Throwing tantrums at the most inopportune moments – causing us mothers to overheat with nerves and, let’s face it, mild palpitations, followed by several hours of soul searching asking where am I going wrong?

Frankly, having gone through this period of instability with both of my Little Loves, I now know (although I need to keep reminding myself), that it’s not me, it’s them, and all phases pass….thankfully.

Then you have to think about getting the little rascals clean, which in Little D’s case took a bit of commitment. But after a few failed attempts (and me having to have a firm word with myself to not get my proverbial knickers in a twist), she totally nailed it and took control of the situation.

While all this is going on they’re finding their voice. And while they think what they’re saying is clear as a bell, the enunciation/articulation hasn’t yet arrived. Trying to understand some of what these wonderful little people say can still be like trying to crack Enigma.

I honestly think year two is the toughest (so far…). Give me a newborn and 4 hours sleep over a screaming little terror in a shop any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

As Little D approaches her third birthday in April, I’ve been focusing on her evolution these past 12 months. And while it hasn’t been plain sailing (is it ever?), something kind of wonderful has been happening. Little D’s personality is blossoming and I’m just in awe of what a special little soul she’s turning out to be.

As a mother, you always worry that a younger sibling will somehow be in the shadow of the elder child. But Little D (who constantly tells me how Big she is), is carving out her own place in the family and is by no means going to let her older sister be the sole star of the show.

In fairness, with Daddy B (aka the Jersey Boomer), Big D and me (shy sometimes but pretty voluble most of the rest), I suppose it would be odd if Little D had turned out to be a shrinking violet. But there was a time early on in her twos where she seemed more subdued. Now this increasingly wonderful, confident, little girl is at last speaking up, singing out load and making herself known to the World. We love her new-found confidence, sass and sense of fun!

I’ve now reached the stage where I’m not aloud to sing to her songs (currently Trolls ‘Get Back Up Again’ (love!!)). Get in the way of her hanging with her new bunch of mates (who have all-of-a-sudden discovered one another – even through they’ve been in the same class for a year…), or try and play third wheel to her and Big D’s ‘secret club’ – and you’re in for it. Because she is a BIG GIRL now, wearing BIG GIRL pants and has an even BIGGER personality to go with them!

Little D, if you ever read this, know: you are truly unique and we simply could not love you more. When you smile it lifts our hearts to the heavens. Never be afraid to speak up for yourself, say how you feel, how you see it. And never stop being the kind little girl that gives so much love.

Love Mummy B



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