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Big D’s birthday is around the corner and, like all 3 year old girls, she’s obsessed with Frozen.

Having booked the local church hall, I now have the job of trying to create a Frozen cake extravaganza.  Thankfully, Christmas has only just been, so I have an abundance of fairy lights hanging around!

Big D loves cake more than anything – in her eyes it’s the most important part of the party. I’ve heard the words, “Mummy, can I have a Frozen cake, pleeeease”, countless times – each time more pleading than the next.

Having priced the cost of getting one made professionally, I was shocked at how much this costs. The thing is though, the quality gap between the designer birthday cakes and the usual home recipe book cakes always seems ginormous, and I really wanted to create something that Big D loved.

Is it possible for an amateur to create something that looks like it has been bought? The answer to this is a resounding yes, but the key thing is that you have all the right tools.

These are:

  • non-stick cake board
  • non-stick rolling pin
  • cake smoother
  • alphabet and number set
  • snowflake cutter (for Frozen themed cake)
  • snowflake cookie cutter
  • Frozen figurines
  • large smoothing implement
  • edible glue
  • paintbrush
  • cake rods

Cakes 4 Fun in Putney is a baker’s dream and the staff were incredibly helpful in guiding me towards the kit I needed to succeed.  They even hire very large boards and rolling pins at a reasonable price.


Three nights of baking and decorating, with a glass of wine in hand and I think I managed to pull it off.  If I can do this, anyone can!  Now I just need to get through the party!

Birthday Cake Recipe

(Note that this recipe is for a single tiered cake. The cake I baked (see photo) is two-tier (using an 9.5′ tin and an 8′ tin). Double up on ingredients if you want to do this.)

200g Plain Flour

200g Self Raising Flour

350g Margarine or Butter. I use soft cooking margarine (Stork)

350g Caster Sugar

6 x medium free range eggs

1 tablespoon of vanilla extract.


Step 1

Pre-heat oven – 160 degrees in an electric fan oven (180 in non-fan), or Gas Mark 4.

Grease a round cake tin (8″ – 10″ in diameter).  For my two tier creation, I used a 9.5′ tin and an 8′ tin.

Step 2 

Using a large bowl, cream the margarine and sugar until light and fluffy.

Add the vanilla extract, and mix.

Step 3

In a separate bowl, whisk together the 6 x eggs until consistent and add gradually to the large bowl.

Step 4

In a separate bowl, combine the 2 x flours, and then gradually fold into the large bowl.

Step 5

Once all well mixed, pour into the cake tin and smooth evenly.

Step 7

Place in oven and leave for 45 minutes (don’t open the door during this period as it may cause the cake to flatten). Once 45 minutes are up, check the cake – it should be firm but springy to touch. Normally it needs about another 15 minutes. If the cake is ready, the knife you test with shouldn’t have any wet cake mixture on it.

Step 8

Once cooked, leave for 5 minutes, remove from cake tin and leave to cool.

To level the cake, use a bread knife to cut the top off – trying to do so as evenly as possible. Don’t worry if it’s a bit uneven, as this will be on the inside when it comes to decorating (see below).


Icing the cake – Recipe

2kg of ready-to-roll icing. I used 1kg of blue for the base and 1kg of white for the snow scene. Double-up if making a two tier-cake.

Margarine (I used Stork) and icing sugar to make the butter icing.

Step 1

First make the butter icing. This will be used to cover the cake so that the icing sticks.

Cream 40g of margarine and 120g of icing sugar. You might want to add a drop of vanilla extract for flavour.

Cover the cake with this mix – but use fairly sparingly.

Step 2

I hired a special plastic non-stick board from Cakes 4 Fun for rolling the icing. If you’re rolling directly on to a counter-top, sprinkle some icing sugar (or cornflower) on top before rolling.

Step 3

Mould the ready made icing into a round ball and try to ensure that it is nice and malleable.

Dust your rolling-pin, and start rolling from the centre of the icing ball outwards into a circular shape of about 2.5mm thick. For the blue icing, I then cut the top so as not to create a double icing layer. For the white icing, the surface area could be smaller as it doesn’t  need to cover the entire cake – but just be big enough for the snow effect. To get the snow effect, cut the white icing so that you create a wiggly line (see picture above).

Step 4

Lifting the icing can get a bit tricky and you might find that you benefit from a second pair of hands!

Roll the icing over your pin slightly, but not all the way so that it overlaps and sticks together. Give the icing as much support as you can and lift on to the centre of cake trying to make sure the overhang is as even as possible! I used cake padders to smooth the icing. If you don’t have any, just use your hands.

Step 5

Take a knife to cut the overhang, cutting near to the cake and keeping it neat. Once the blue layer is neatly in place, add the white layer (to give the snow scene effect).

Step 6

Lift the cake onto the cake board and place a dollop of butter icing in the centre, to reduce movement.

Step 7

Thinly roll some of the white icing and use the snow flakes cutter to stencil perfectly formed shapes.  Place them at random on the cake using edible glue.  This is a great way of disguising any mishaps.

Step 8

The cake will last about 6 days from baking. I made mine 3 days before Big D’s Big Bash, and leave a day between baking and icing so the cake has a chance to fully cool down.

Decorate – Cookie Tree

To make the cookie tree, I used the following recipe: Millie’s Cookie Recipe, and an icicle cookie cutting set. I glued each layer together using edible glue.  Then place the all important characters on the cake and sit back and relax!



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