The nursery nativity that nearly wasn’t

The nursery nativity that nearly wasn’tfeatured

Big D has just put on a star turn as a villager in the nursery nativity play.

Daddy B had taken the day off work and we were all set to support our little Wonderkid. But trying to rush Big D out of the door was proving tricky –  she was so fizzy with excitement she preferred running around the house evading her headdress. Eventually, we managed it and off we went… to THE WRONG CHURCH!!!! Epic parent fail.

We were already behind time, so Daddy B scooped Big D up in his arms and ran like Usain Bolt across the neighborhood to deliver the little lovvie to the stage.

I was hot-footing it behind, not quite keeping pace and working myself into a tizz – how could I have failed my daughter like this?… oh the guilt was too much to bear and it was all I could do not to cry!

As Mothers, we have so many things to juggle that doing the most fundamentally simple task, like reading that the play was not in the same Church as the dress rehearsal, seemed to pass me by altogether.

I eventually found myself sat towards the back of the church (Not in the F-ROW as I had promised my little girl), tail ‘twixt legs and feeling slightly sheepish.

Big D didn’t notice a thing though and in fact she loved the panic, the drama and the fireman’s lift Daddy gave her as we sprinted to the correct venue.

Once on stage, like all the other wonderful youngsters, she was like a star shining in the East!

I flung my arms around like a lunatic making sure she knew her biggest supporters were there for her and once she clocked us we got a wonderful beaming smile and a little hand signal to show we’d been spotted. Crisis averted.

Big D belted her lines out so loudly I think Little D could hear her at home. We looked on in raptures – the earlier kerfuffle all but forgotten. How such a little being could have such a loud voice was remarkable. I admire her spirit and confidence and I hope and pray that it never gets broken.

All the little celestial angels, majestic Kings and Queens, vocal villagers and the adorable Mary and Joseph sang their little hearts out. It was such a joy. At a time when nativity plays seem to be falling out of fashion or favor, it was wonderful to see the joy and hope of Christmas seen through these little ones’ eyes.

As for the epic parent fail. Well, nobody’s perfect and we all make mistakes. At Christmas time in particular one places even more pressure on oneself to be perfect and to create a perfect Christmas, but the best way to do that in the eyes of your child is to love with all your heart. Everything else is just noise.

All’s well that ends well, and I have no doubt the thing I’ll remember about the nativity play in years to come will not be my epic parent fail (although hopefully I’ll look back and laugh), but Big D’s booming brilliance!

Big D, the next time it truly matters, I promise to get you to the Church on time!

Love Mummy B


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