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If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.

As temperatures across the UK soar, last Wednesday being the hottest day in the UK on record, I’ve been covering my two Little Lovelies in factor 50 from head to toe.

I know I’m probably going to sound like a nagging Mummy in this post, but I created this blog to have a voice and in this case I’m going to totally shamelessly use it.

Last week my family had a big shock.  My darling, beautiful, sister had recently had two moles removed in what we assumed was a fairly common procedure – thinking they’d be sliced off with minimal fuss and, hey presto, everything would be fine. Sadly, this wasn’t the outcome she received.

Aunty H had a cancerous mole or, as the consultant said, malignant melanoma from a mole the size of a dot on her ankle (a common place to miss when applying lotion apparently). The shocking news was delivered in a very frank and honest manner – making clear the potentially serious implications. Since she left the hospital with a dedicated cancer nurse and a whole bunch of reading material from the wonderful Macmillan, my entire family have been worried sick. How could this be happening?

The fact, is Aunty H would probably admit that she’s been a little too relaxed in the sun, but no more so than you or I, and some people are just prone to the sun damaging their skin! I religiously make sure I have SPF on my face all year round (don’t want any unwanted wrinkles), but I never really cared too much for my lower legs or body, thinking they never really burn or catch the sun much in the UK (total error)! The sun is getting stronger, last week was proof of that.

On that hottest day last week, poor Aunty H had to have an operation on her leg to hopefully remove the cancerous cells – we have everything crossed for her. This involved gouging a sizable chunk of skin and the surrounding tissue from her lower leg –  devastating for any woman. When I collected her from hospital that afternoon and saw her leg all bandaged up and her on crutches, my heart was crushed for her. Such a wonderfully brave strong women stood (hobbled) before me, and all she was worrying about was how her son, Baby O, had been in her absence. A true Mummy warrior!

I know that some people go through much worse, and the operation will hopefully ensure that the nasty cancer cells no longer subsist, but I’ve been worried sick for poor Auntie H. It’s the only thing I’ve been able to think about since.

So please wear suncream!

I’m sure as parents you would never dream of going to the park without applying sunscreen to your children, but please don’t forget yourself. I know we all look healthy on the outside with our sun-kissed skin, but it’s what’s lurking on or just under that bronzed surface that we need to worry about.

My ‘go to’ brand when it comes to suncream is Mustela. I was introduced to this amazing product last summer by my chemist. This is the good stuff and rarely needs to be reapplied, so I can confidently pop it on in the morning and forget about any dangerous rays harming my family. My two Little Lovelies are real English roses, who are yet to have the slightest u.v. glow from the sun, and from now on I intend to follow their lead and embrace a snow-white complexion – or I’m going to fake it!

Here’s a tip from the Mustela website that I wanted to share with you, as I thought it was really informative and something I didn’t know and worth passing on.

Until children reach age 3, infants do not have a fully developed skin defense system, which leaves them highly vulnerable to the sun’s rays. As a result, doctors strongly recommend that young children be kept out of direct sunlight. If your activities require your baby to be in the sun nonetheless, be sure to take special precautions to protect that delicate skin! By following a few simple rules, you can preserve your baby’s skin and help maintain his natural defenses against potentially serious sun damage. And since childhood is the best time for learning, if you always follow the same steps now, your child will adopt them automatically in the future.

The lecture’s over, and I wish you all a wonderful Summer of fun and sun with your families.

But trust me on the sunscreen.

Love Mummy B


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