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Last Friday it looked like we’d be at a bit of a loose end for the weekend. But that all changed when a bus raced past advertising the Gruffalo stage play. Big D practically flipped off her scooter with excitement as the monstrous creature with his terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws whizzed past!

As it’s school holidays, I assumed tickets would be totally sold out. But Big D begged me to try, just in case I got lucky. After a few moments online, I managed to get tickets at the bargain price of £12.50 each.

That night, I met my husband and his great pal for dinner and told Daddy B that our plan for the weekend was to take Big D to see the Gruffalo. In unison these two grown men responded in the middle of a rather busy Chelsea pub “hasn’t she heard, doesn’t she know, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo?!” – still big kids at heart!

This tale by Julia Donaldson of the little brown mouse outwitting owl, outfoxing fox, swerving snake and ultimately getting one over the Gruffalo is a modern classic that’s been read a hundred times over in our little household and others up and down the country. It was the first story to really grab Big D’s imagination at the tender age of 20 months old and it’s still a firm favourite! (Despite the Gruffalo’s terrible teeth etc., the Gruffalo teddy complete with poisonous wart remains one of Big D’s favourite bedtime buddies!)

The next morning we told Big D of her surprise excursion and she was over the moon. A short tube ride, which Big D loves (Daddy B less so!) and we were in Piccadilly Circus at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. At that time of day the otherwise buzzing theatreland still hasn’t woken up and it’s lovely to walk past Eros and the huge TV screens of Piccadilly with a little one in tow and not feel totally frazzled. The producers clearly know a thing or two about families – as the 10am start fits perfectly around nap time and the young audience was fully charged and ready for action.

The performance lasts 50 minutes and while sympathetic to the original has some really fun additions to keep it interesting (I won’t give too much away), and great sing-a-long tunes that you’ll be humming the rest of the day.

There’s so much energy and the small cast does a fab job – really interacting with the audience, panto style, getting the hundreds of tots screaming and singing along with the characters.

If your children love the story of the Gruffalo, they’ll love the play. If you can, get some tickets and go for a real family treat this summer. G-G-G-Gruffalo!!

Happy summer holidays all.

Love Mummy B


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