The final countdown – 4 weeks to Aunty H’s due date

The final countdown – 4 weeks to Aunty H’s due datefeatured

As you know, my most amazing sister will shortly be having her second baby. Her pregnancy was such a wonderful, unexpected, surprise for the whole family, and it’s been such a treat to watch her beautiful bump grow over the past 8 months.

As the due date draws closer there’s a palpable shift from eagerly checking off the weeks to practically combusting with excitement counting down the days.

Some people think a second pregnancy isn’t as exciting as the first and don’t mind saying so. But I disagree, knowing what an amazing life changing event lies ahead of you is such a special thing to look forward to. There’s also something wonderfully comforting about having your second baby and this time knowing broadly what you’re doing, well kind of!

It’s in a sense quite empowering going to hospital with your game face on and without any of the self doubt that naturally comes from any first time experience – whatever way the baby comes – you can deal!

Naturally, Aunty H is going through that strange state of mind as the due date draws closer where you begin to feel a touch guilty introducing another person into the family when there’s already a precious little one who has enjoyed being number 1 kid for a time.

When I was expecting Little D, I used to torture myself with questions like whether I’d still have enough time to devote to Big D, how would she feel about the sibling intrusion, will my love split in two? Yep, crazy questions of course. The love just grows like Topsy, and hasn’t time always been a precious commodity?!

The thing that I found most overwhelming when I had Little D was how complete I felt and how balanced and solid things were. We were a unit. My husband now the invaluable toddler tamer, while I got on with all the things new mums have to do.

As the anticipation builds, the calm comes and those quiet moments that are sometimes filled with silly nonsense thoughts should be enjoyed as they are few and far between once the baby arrives. I can’t wait to meet my new niece or nephew, take in that newborn smell and enjoy those beautiful peaceful moments when that tiny precious little baby drifts off into a peaceful nap in my arms.

March is going to be a big month and I can’t wait.

Love Mummy B






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