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I often hear mothers of boys (MOB) chatting about the struggle they have finding cool clothes for their little gents on the high street. I have to admit, Mummies of girls have it easy – with the majority of high street lines focusing on the little ladies. I have no idea why? Could it be that they think MOBs don’t buy as many clothes – Wrong! Don’t enjoy shopping – Wrong, we’re women…duh! Don’t care what their son’s wearing – wrong, wrong, wrong!

With the high street clearly missing a trick, I headed online to discover the abundance of choice for the the coolest cats in the cosmos! As I’m experiencing with Little D, hitting the shops with a toddler is a sort of temporary madness which, with so many amazing brands online that can be accessed at the click of a button, there’s no need to endure. There’s no longer an excuse not to have a totally trendy toddler.

Mini Rodini – This Swedish brand is cool and creative with a lots of personality. I love the bold prints that allow your child to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. If children could pick their clothes, they would definitely choose this fun fash brand.

1.Tiger Stripes Long Sleeve T-Shirt £25.00

2.Pug Print Longsleeve T-Shirt (Grey) £25.00

3.Bengal Sweatshirt (Blue) £38.00

Beau LOves – their brief is to create a quirky collection of gender-neutral clothes (where possible), that are adventurous, fun, stylish yet creative and very importantly all made with LOVE in LONDON. Their edgy quirky designs allow these funked up little fellas to feel comfortable while looking super-cool.

1.Teeth Davenport Pants £32.00 – Nothing says I’m teething like these pants!

2.Spiked Hoodie (Grey) XO £25.00 in the sale.

3.Teeth Raglan Jumper £36.00

Tiny Cottons – Bold, imaginative and with a large dose of cool. This fabulous brand from Barcelona is fast expanding in the world of kids fashion. Their designs are selling like hotcakes, so get in their fast if you want your young man to be the leader of the pack.

1.Hibernation Sweatshirt €39.00

2.Pine Cones Tee €29.00

3.Marble Sweatshirt €39.00

Papouelli – I was delighted recently when Papouelli opened a store in my neighborhood – as a shoe loving girl their beautifully made designs keep me coming back for more. Since their opening, I’ve noticed that all of Big D’s class mates have been stomping around the nursery with fab footwear. Great quality, beautiful designs for both boys and girls and above all comfortable. They also come in the sweetest pistachio little shoe bags and boxes that remind me of shoe shopping when I was a child.

1.Jackson pull-on ankle boot £89.00

2.Darcie £35.00 (Big D lives in hers, scooting around town!

3.Kimi baby fringe moccasin £42.00, perfect for those just getting up on their feet.

To round off any A/W outfit, all a little guy needs is a great pair of jeans. I don’t think you can beat Baby Gap. They fit great, the denim is soft and they have an elasticated waistband for comfort. All priced at £17.95, at that price your little legend surely needs to mix up his washes to style up his look!

Dressing boys may not perhaps produce as much of a crowd pleaser as a girl dressed in a tutu, but the clothes in many ways are actually a lot more fun. Getting away from the unimaginative high street churning out yet another slogan T-shirt is no bad thing. Scouring the internet for its hidden treasures has to be more fun, and it can be enjoyed at home with a glass of wine and a moment’s silence. So if you think your son needs to swim against the sartorial tide check out some of these great brands.

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Happy shopping for your little rock stars.

Love Mummy B


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