Terry’s Top Tips #2: Personal Training from Chelsea Club’s Finest

Terry’s Top Tips #2: Personal Training from Chelsea Club’s Finestfeatured

Having given birth just over a year ago, I’m still working super hard in the gym trying to get back the body that makes me happy. It’s such hard work to make real strides – but I’m determined to try and reach my goal and Terry’s always on hand giving positive encouragement and really valuable advice.

Having always been fairly sporty, I don’t want motherhood to stop me from being healthy and fit – and need all the strength I can get to keep up with the little ones! From sprinting across the park after Big D, to the regular weight lifting marathon with Little D hanging off my hip, I’ve never needed to be fitter.

Following the amazing success of his first set of personal training tips, Terry the trainer of Chelsea Club fame has kindly offered to share some more of his fitness wisdom with my wonderful readers. So here they are (I hope you find them useful)!

Terry’s Top Tips #2

1. Mix Things Up – the body is very clever (and quick) at adapting to new things.  Mixing up the order of a routine can help keep it challenging without ruining your plan.

2. Compound Exercises – Simple exercises like squats use a large amount of muscles. More muscles used = more energy use. More energy used = more calories burned etc…

3. Increase Protein Intake –  increasing the % of protein (per meal portion) will help top burn fat. Protein is hard to break down so your body will choose other sources before this. No need to increase the volume of your meal though!

4. HIIT Training – one of the best (if not the) best form of fat burning cardio. Helps increase stamina and VO2 Max as well! (See my HIIT blog for more details on high intensity interval training.)

5. Train Specifically – if you want to burn fat, train to burn fat. If you want to build muscle the same applies. Not all training methods are appropriate for your goals.

6. Don’t neglect the Small Muscles – even the smaller muscles have important roles to play. For instance, when squatting you’re using approximately 15 different muscles (on each leg) but most people will typically only train quads, hamstrings and sometimes their glutes. But others like calves adductors, abductors and core muscles are equally key.

7. Use Appropriate Training Equipment – self-explanatory. Don’t buy running trainers to lift in, or lifting shoes to run in. They’re designed for certain activities not all activities.

8. Ice Bath – Using an ice bath/plunge pool will help to reduce the aches and pains of training. A couple of minutes are all that’re needed.

9. Work with Weights – lifting weights massively increases the amount of energy used in a workout, and we all know what that means …

10. Myth Busting – lifting weights = big muscles? Wrong! It’s actually pretty hard for women to gain size through using weights (compared to men), a lot of women I train think they’re becoming muscular when in fact all that is happening is that the fat around those toned muscles is disappearing, there is a BIG difference between the two.

Thank you once again to Terry Angell @ the Chelsea Club for sharing these ideas. It’s really appreciated.

Happy training lovelies.

Love Mummy B


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