School’s Out For Summer!

School’s Out For Summer!featured

As the school year finishes I want to pause and reflect on Big D’s first year. And what a year it’s been and what change it has bought to family life – in many ways I feel like I’ve gone back to school.

When I reflect on how I felt this time last year and how anxious I was about my little love starting school and mixing with older children and how she would have this whole other dimension away from her family, I feel a little silly for having any concerns.

School has, to date, been a joyful experience all round. Reception has been a seamless transition from nursery and way more nurturing than I had expected. I don’t have too many memories of starting school myself so I didn’t really know what to expect.  The school keeps me in the loop with regular updates and photos of Big D having fun learning, mostly through play.

The highlights have been when she played Mary in the nativity play as my budding thespian loved being on stage and has thrived in drama and music. Also dressing up seems to be a big thing in reception and Big D can often be found in class in full character.

A wealth of new friends have been made both for Big D and me which has been really lovely. Those first few weeks of not knowing anyone at the school gates have been replaced with a sense of community that I’ve never really had even though I’ve lived in Parsons Green for 14 years.

I didn’t rush to have lots of play dates in the early days, as I felt it was more important to let Big D rest after school and for her to be with Little D after a long day at school, but as the year went on the friendships grew organically and she adores her whole class. In fact, she knows way more people in Parsons Green than I do – I hang with a local socialite these days – these little people sure know how to network.

Watching her develop has been a treat to watch. Big D can now read stories and has loved embracing this new skill and writes me little love notes from time to time, although since she’s been on holidays she keeps writing notes to her wonderful friends and teacher who she’s clearly missing.

This inspires me as her sweet little innocent soul teaches me that I should stop and remind some of my own friends that I miss them and love them too from time to time.

While I settle into the school hols one thing for sure is that while her journey to date, like with all  babies/toddlers/pre-schoolers, has gone through the whole spectrum of emotional evolution (and like every parent the road has been a little bumpy from time to time), suddenly this wonderful little creature has walked out of the school gates as cool as a cucumber.

I don’t really want her to grow up anymore but something tells me that life with her will just keep getting better.


Love Mummy B


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