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Post-Pregnancy Diet Tipsfeatured

Each time I became heavily pregnant with the girls, I’d look in the mirror occasionally and ask myself whether/how my body would ever revert to any semblance of its past form.  While I loved my mummy curves, and cherished more than anything the life growing inside me, every now and then I’d trawl the web looking for ways to shift the post-pregnancy pounds. Each time, I’d be bombarded with messages saying that it was wrong to even think about losing weight while nursing your baby – which is totally right and I get that.

But I couldn’t understand how all these celebrity Mummies appear to bounce straight back into shape in a blink of an eye, while claiming that it was only breast feeding causing the weight to evaporate at lightning speed.  I didn’t buy it!

I breast fed both my girls for 8 months – and can honestly say that my weight was not going anywhere without sweating at the gym and following a healthy, but strict, diet (something I struggle with, as I have an insane love of chocolate and all things sugary).

I know what your thinking; it’s because they have endless pots of cash to pay for personal trainers and chefs to prepare their food –  and you’d be right.  But what exactly are they eating, and how can I get some of that?

While on a play date, a friend-in-the-know pointed me in the direction of an i-Phone app called “Green Kitchen“, featuring delicious vegan, gluten free and allergy friendly recipes.  She told me that this is the exact type of food celebrity chefs are cooking up for those super-rich and famous mummies like Tamara Eccleston, Rosamund Pike and The Duchess of Cambridge.

My curiosity piqued, at the next available nap time I was downloading the app.  Stunning pictures of food which wouldn’t be out of place in Ottolenghi (an absolute fave) filled my screen – I’d struck gold.  I’ve been trying to introduce some of the recipes into my weekly repertoire since, with great success – everything tastes delicious. Even Big D loves the Apple & Oat Biscuits!

I’m not suggesting that anyone should diet unless they want and feel ready to, but if like me you feel those extra pounds accumulated from sitting around eating cake and drinking coffee (so much fun) need to shift, and you fancy trying something new, this might just be the answer.

Eating amazing, fresh, homemade, organic food is the best way to support your baby and give you the energy boost you need to deal with those sleepless nights.

I’d love to hear your new mummy nutrition tips – please do share them.

Love Mummy B


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