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I love my buggy! Today, when I dared go out without out it, I was swiftly reminded how indispensable it is. Poor Little D tripped over and landed in dog poo, in her brand new blush coat. With no wipes to hand, I hoiked her up on my shoulders and carried her home while she used my hair as a poo towel – eeugh!!! #epicparentfail #wherewasmybuggy!?!

After 4 years of distinguished service, my Bugaboo needs a little face lift (much like its owner!), so I’ve been looking at what’s out there to pimp my pram for Winter.

The Muff – This is a great item to put on your baby’s Christmas list (perhaps one for the Grandparents). Who doesn’t want to see their Grandchild luxuriously cocooned in sheepskin. This looks so enticing and cozy that you’ll want to climb in yourself.

231334296Available at John Lewis – £120.00.

The Hand Muffs – I’m not one for wearing gloves as I find them a bit of a faff to keep pulling on and off while juggling the girls and trying to answer my phone. But last year my hands became so chapped they actually made me cry. Never mind hands-that-do-dishes, pram hands took it to the next level! When I saw a neighbour toting these bad boys the other day I had to track them down. A little ridiculous looking I know, but if my child is going to be ensconced in sheepskin, it’s only fair that my mitts get in on the act.

233844729Available at John Lewis – £39.00.

The Cup Holder – As sleep deprived or just run ragged mothers, caffeine plays a crucial part in every day life. Juggling a pram and a can or bottle is a pretty tricky task so get yourself a little something to pop your Diet Coke in while you negotiate the curbs! This makes a really handy baby shower gift!

230420133Available at John Lewis – £14.95.

The Buggy Clip – I must be one of the only mothers out there that doesn’t have one of these! This super useful gadget is designed to hold more items on your buggy when you’re out and about.

231838159Hippy Chick My Buggy Clip £5.95, Available at John Lewis.

Fabric Set – The fabric sets in the featured images above are Bugaboo specific, but lots of stroller companies have quickly jumped on the bandwagon. This is a really fab way to pimp a tired pram and breathe a little fresh air in to your ride.

Available at John Lewis – £89.95

Finally, as the nights are drawing in, Daddy B mentioned that he was worried that I didn’t have anything to make the pram visible at night when crossing busy London roads. I’ve been recommended these fantastic flares from Proviz, perfect for clipping on to a buggy. They also make great reflective gear for cyclists (I hear Boris is a fan!) –  so if you commute en velo it’s definitely worth checking out. Be safe be seen!

Happy rolling!

Love Mummy B




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