Pictures of a Frightfully Fun Week

Pictures of a Frightfully Fun Weekfeatured

Fall’s been frenetic and, alas, there’s been precious little time for blogging. I suspect that, like me, you’ve been enjoying the precious family time of half-term with your Little Lovelies.

This week, we’ve managed to move house (our basement project starts tomorrow… eeeek! – more to follow on the blog), party – a lot, play and catch up with wonderful friends (old and new), parade around the park with pumpkins, trick or treat in the neighborhood and fit in a little bit of shopping to make sure the girls have everything they need for the impending Winter. Between all this, we managed to pop along to a fab new children’s clothes brand Hello Bezlo, which I’ll tell you about later in the week.

It’s now Sunday night and I’m beginning to feel a bit like the Walking Dead myself after last night’s fright night fun, and in desperate need of collapsing on the sofa to recharge.

I do hope you all had lots of wonderful Halloween fun with your families. Here are some pics from our wicked week.

Love Mummy B


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