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Four weeks ago, Little D took her first steps. It was a groundbreaking achievement and I thought at that point they would be the first of many.  With huge rounds of applause and oodles of encouragement, that precious milestone had been met. Somehow, we managed to catch the moment on camera for Daddy B – click the video below to see.

Truth is, I was starting to get a little twitchy when fellow mothers would ask if my little Love had started walking yet? Second time round, I’m in much less of a rush to get to the next stage in Little D’s physical development – and it’s clear that The Bissons are artists not athletes – but I was quietly hoping that the walking would come sooner rather than later!

So on that special day in Suffolk when Little D took her first steps, I was pleased that I’d now be able to answer The Walking Question in the affirmative. However, since that day (like the London Underground staff of late) the Transport Union in Little D’s head has been on strike.

Every time I put her on her feet she pikes her lower body as if to say, “Mummy I’m not a performing monkey / I’m working on my perfect Pilates moves / I refuse to conform to this ridiculous walking idea / Why use two when four will do?”.

On holiday recently we were spending a lovely family day at a beach club when a girl came running up to Big D, followed by a rather fit looking mother and father. This somewhat athletic German family introduced themselves and we had a lovely time shooting the breeze, while their daughter and Big D ran around playing. Poor Little D just sat there looking beautiful, plucking daisies.

Now Big D’s three-and-a-half and the young German clearly assumed they were close in age as they galavanted around. When it transpired that Big D’s neuer freundin was only a month older than Little D (16 months!), we were gobsmacked  – and a touch crestfallen.

A day later at the pool Little D surprised us again as she decided to walk, but only when submersed waist-deep in water. Confirmation that she is perfectly capable of walking, but just wants to do it in her own time and when the stars align for her.

Little D is just about perfect in every way imaginable to us and it’s me that should have the courage never to doubt her or her abilities as she travels through the many stages of her evolution.

As parents, it’s so easy to compare your child and benchmark them against their little buddies, but they will develop at their own sweet pace and will be all grown up, walking and talking, before we know it.

All good things come to those that wait!

Love Mummy B xxx


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