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Ever since I was tickled pink with the arrival of a daughter, I have dreamed of the day when Big D tells me she wants to start Ballet. So the moment she expressed an interest, that was it – I was on the high street searching for a fabulous tutu.

Having decided on a pink leotard/tutu/wrap combo from Peter Jones, the look had to be completed with the perfect ballet slippers. Trotters have the most fabulous pink sparkle ballet pumps I’ve ever seen. Mummy B and Big D both fell in love: we had to have them!

All kitted out, Big D headed to Cupcake Family Club clearly delighted with her new garb. On the way, she took my hand and told me that dressing up as a ballerina had been the best part of her day. That was the best part of my day! It was one of those yummy little moments with a cherry on top and off I went glowing with pride.

When I handed Big D over to Miss Daisy, the rather bubbly and graceful teacher, I waited outside the class thinking how quickly my tiny dancer is growing up.

I am so impressed with the Academy classes at Cupcake Family Club – it’s an amazing way for little ones to gain independence and confidence in preparation for school.

Big D loves attending the ballet, musical theatre academy and tennis classes, but there is everything here from karate and cooking to gym and yoga. You have to join as a member but can then attend unlimited classes, which is great value.

Classes run for 30 minutes, which is just enough time to grab a quick, delicious, healthy juice from Glo Café and have a chat to other mummies.

Love Mummy B


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