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Before I had children, there were few days in the ordinary course that stood out. I’m not saying life was boring, far from it, it was totally awesome and I loved every second. But as you enter your adult years everything seems to mulch into one big fun happy memory (see friends, party, hang out and party some more, with some work thrown in to the mix). Of course there were amazing milestones like finishing exams, graduation, getting engaged and my wonderful wedding day – but these were usually pretty well trailed and prepared for.

But now I have children, every small advancement in their lives is a big deal to me, literally a milestone-a-minute, carefully logged and documented with wonderful photos, just in case my memory fails me one day and I need to remind myself of these precious times.

Daddy B and I both witnessed once such moment when we went to see Big D’s nursery Summer Play.  Seeing around 50 three year olds taking to the stage for the first time ever in wonderful jungle costumes was possibly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Bright eyes and poised faces ready for their debut on the stage and an entire church bursting with parents that could have been mistaken for paparazzi, ready to capture their little one in action.

First on stage were the monkeys, monkeying around the jungle singing a jolly song with brilliantly choreographed and gorgeously out-of-time actions (loved it!). Then the lions (Big D’s group) who roared courageously to the crowd and then belted out an adaptation of, “Zip-a-de-do-da“:

Zip-a-de-do-da, Zip-a-de-hay

We’re always hungry and we’re coming you’re your way…

Sharpening our teeth, Looking for our prey

Zip-a-de-do-da, Zip-a-de-hay!

We were so proud of the little pride we couldn’t stop smiling. The type of grin that spreads such joy within making you feel like you’ve just overdosed on happiness. It was far too much excitement for a a Wednesday morning!

Then a group of little explorers carefully crept across the stage looking for the mysterious creature, doing their bit to bring the play to it’s crescendo.

Unbeknown to us, a very dinky little mouse (Big D in disguise, who’d kept her starring role a complete secret) crept on to the stage, mic in hand and delivered in her loudest highest pitch:

“EEK, EEK, EEK! Sorry – did I scare you? I’m Inky the mouse and I love chocolate!” (Cue, Mummy B in tears!)

I couldn’t believe our little leading lady had kept schtum about her starring role!

She then went ex tempore using her solo turn on the mic to wish Daddy B a very Happy Birthday. Needless to say, Daddy B was levitating! It was, he said, the sweetest little birthday shout-out ever!

When we asked Big D how she’d kept it a secret that she was Inky, and how she learnt her lines, she replied confidently and coolly, “I put them in my mouth, swallowed them and kept them there in my tummy“. How cute!

Every day with these Little Treasures is full of such wonder and amazement.

My main motivation in starting this blog was to keep a diary of my girls and all the fun times we have. It’s worth keeping a note of everything and building up a bank of all the precious times you’ve shared, so that you always have them.

Love Mummy B xxx




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