Starting a Blog (Mummy B one month in)

Starting a Blog (Mummy B one month in)featured

One Sunday night a month ago, I sat behind the computer with Daddy B with a glass of red wine in hand and pushed my new blog out to the World. Having not really shared my impending venture with anyone, I was terrified of how people might react – would they judge me, would they be remotely interested, what if it fails miserably? Being a naturally conservative and private person, I’d never really put myself out there before – and did so with no small degree of trepidation.

We clicked “Publish” – and something amazing happened. On the first day, 825 kind souls took the time to click on the sparkling new site I’d spent the last few months building (what a challenge that was…).  My phone starting beeping with messages from lovely friends (you know who you are – and thank you), expressing their support – and I got the biggest warm fuzzy feeling of relief. Mummy Bisson had been born.

Then came the realisation that now Mummy Bisson was out there I had a commitment to write regularly and try to provide readers with interesting content. This in itself is quite a challenge while juggling being a full time Mummy of two little sweeties (I try very hard not to allow the blog to distract me from my number one job).

Having confidence in what I am doing and writing is something I am struggling with a little, mainly because it’s still so new to me, and that in itself makes it daunting.

I try to block out as much of my mind’s silly white noise and back myself to create something that will hopefully benefit others and keep sight of the fact that I’m ultimately doing this for myself. I am loving being creative and having the opportunity to write and use my brain.

Opening the door to my family life sometimes feels a touch strange, but I know I’m in control of what and how much of our private life I wish to share. Like all Mummies, I am unashamedly proud of my children and want to share their little achievements and the joy of raising them with the World, so I haven’t really felt like I’m holding much back (especially when I was writing My Caesarean Section Experience post!).

I’m trying to learn more about blogging every day with the hope that will grow into something amazing. But for now I’m just trying to grow my site organically, with useful heartfelt content that I love to write about and which is current and relevant to me and my family.

It’s been a great month, and I’m still completely shocked to have had almost 5000 visitors to my site! This may be an insignificant number in the grand scheme of things, I have nothing to bench mark myself against, but the fact that so many wonderful people have kindly engaged with my blog makes me so happy. Thank you!!

I have no regrets, so if you’re thinking of doing anything out of your comfort zone, whether it’s launching a blog, starting a small business or developing a property, I’d encourage you to jump in and give it a go! If you are thinking of launching a blog, please see below my top 5 tips for getting going.

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Love Mummy B


Mummy B’s Top 5 tips for new bloggers (I’d put myself in this category!):

#1 Be prepared to invest a fair bit of time in building your site. Unless you’re prepared to pay a designer to build it for you, it can take a long time getting used to how things work (Mummy B is no expert in code!)

#2 Get social, fast. There’s a whole on-line world out there and I’d never really scratched the surface. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Cameo – the list is endless.

#3 Don’t let the doubt set in. Your life is amazing and people will be interested in what you have to say. The more people share their experiences the more we can all learn how to do things better.

#4 Write from the heart and be true to yourself. It’s a real commitment blogging each week and if you’re not being yourself and don’t believe in your message, nobody else will.

#5 View your life in some respects through the prism of your blog. What exciting and interesting things can you do that would be worth writing about (being sure to take a few photos to capture the magic)?


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