Tone up with Terry #2 – resistance training (get fit for Summer!)

Tone up with Terry #2 – resistance training (get fit for Summer!)featured

Hot on the heels of my last ‘vlog’ Tone up with with Terry (top personal trainer at The Chelsea Club), I thought I’d get my sweat on again, give you a little giggle and bring you another workout, Chloe Madeley style 😉

I was super-excited to hear from a lovely new mummy in Brighton who’s been getting in to shape at home with Terry’s last program, so we thought we’d take it to the next level and get back to the gym.

Terry wanted to put together a total body workout that gets results using resistance work. If you can buddy-up with a fellow mummy and get fit together all the better.  Having a gym buddy can really help you stay motivated to reach your goals – I’m really missing my trusty sidekick Aunty H.

This workout means getting in that bit of the gym that’s usually reserved for musclebound menfolk, but according to Terry it’s all about #girlsthatlift – if  you want to burn fat fast and tone up for Summer, Summer Summertime. I’m all about that!

That’s what I’m about – being confident, toned, healthy and strong. Showing my girls that I can eat an ice cream with them as long as I’m also fit and having a healthy balance.

So go for it, give it a try and let me know how you get on – I love hearing from you.

The workout

Before you start you need a solid warm up. Terry suggests either a gentle run or row before, as these get most of the required muscles active. Simple things like arm circles, will help activate and potentiate your muscles. At least 10 minutes including a pulse raiser, mobilisation and stretching (see fitness tips 1). These are quite intense for the body, so a cool down and stretch afterwards is essential!

Bust out each of the following exercises – 3 sets per exercise for 10 reps a time:

  1. Box jumps**
  2. Squats
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Wide grip pull ups
  5. Low row
  6. Reverse fly
  7. Dumbbell fly
  8. Dumbbell shoulder press
  9. Swiss ball roll outs
  10. Swiss ball pikes

** Not just for guys, boxjumps can make the difference in losing body fat and getting summer ready.

A lot of these exercises may seem daunting if you’ve never done them before, but they’re extremely effective and even simpler to grasp when you have the correct technique – so don’t be afraid to ask a staff member to give you a moment to check your positioning and technique.

You will most definitely feel like you’ve worked out after these great exercises, but without feeling too exhausted. Thanks, Terry, for another great workout!

Love Mummy B


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