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Mummy B’s Fantasy Christmas Listfeatured

Big D gets Christmas in a big way this year and when I say gets Christmas she’s been sucked into just about every marketing campaign luring children in to the great consumers’ web of merchandise. So for months, each time an advert comes on she’s told me that she absolutely would like that particular product for Christmas (and is adamant Santa will deliver it down the chimney!).

However, when we sat down to pen a letter addressed to Saint Nick @ the North Pole at the start of the month, neither Baby Annabel nor that horrible Pie Face game featured. Perhaps more surprisingly, Frozen merchandise didn’t get a look in either!

Instead, Big D reeled off a wonderfully imaginative and slightly off-the-wall list comprising:

  1. A real pet unicorn
  2. A phone that has magical mermaid powers
  3. A singing/talking flower
  4. A fairy wand (we already have about 3 of these but she wants one that “actually works, Mummy”!)
  5. Glitter pens (I think Santa can actually deliver on this last one!)

This wonderful and heart-warming list got me thinking what would be on my fantasy Christmas list – and here it is:

Mummy B’s Fantasy List


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