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When not knee-deep in Mummy duties, I’m juggling my other project…

My sister and I are running a nascent property development business. Eighteen months ago, and driven by a desire to be in control of our careers (and to fit work around family life), we thought it was the right time for a new challenge. I’ve always been passionate about design and interiors and, having redeveloped my two previous homes, understand what goes into a successful project.

However, two weeks after completing our first purchase, I fell pregnant with Little D. My sister promptly followed with the news that she was expecting, with Cousin O.

Two pregnancy’s later, countless sleepless nights – fitting site visits around breast feeding and nursery pick ups – we really had to pull together to get the project over the line. So proud of my sister and I for getting the job done. Hopefully someone will fall in love with the house like we have!

Having seen so many of my wonderful female friends launch businesses while raising children and/or managing demanding careers, I have come to the conclusion that today’s motherhood should be a celebration of how creative and strong we can all be.

In my future Homes and Interiors blogs, I’ll tell you everything I’ve learned as part of a two-sister team redeveloping houses (including how to deal with an all male workforce!).

Work hard, play harder!

Love Mummy B



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