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Hola! Sorry for the recent radio silence, the Bisson family have relocated to Marbella for the summer and the computer has stayed at home.

Aren’t holidays the best? Sun, sea, swimming and space for the little ones to play. Having been here for 8 days already I can feel myself day-by-day relaxing more – the stresses and strains of everyday life evaporating into the warm Mediterranean air.

In London, our little family generally runs like a fairly well-oiled machine. We are structured and this routine is key to having a happy and harmonious life.

Daddy B japes that it’s the Bisson Centre of Excellence, but I do try to be as efficient and organised as possible to get the most out of the day and keep everyone happy.

As new parents, we did our best to keep the little niñas in their routine while on holiday. Planning our days with military precision and making sure the girls got enough sleep. However, on this holiday we appear to have unwittingly adopted a more continental approach.

Big D has straight refused to go in her buggy at night for a sleep (our usual practice when here), and insists on getting dressed for supper with a lick of Mummy’s lipstick. This little lush wants to come to the party. Little D has quickly caught on and so Big D brings her along as her plus 1 for supper. What would Gina say?!

This more relaxed approach is, I suppose, driven by the fact that after 3 years of parenting we can no longer quite find it in us to walk around the streets rocking the pram to get the girls asleep, while the other one sits in the restaurant on their lonesome wondering how long tonight’s ritual will take.

The girls of course need their beauty sleep, there is no doubt in that. In fact, having spent the morning at the pool they’re currently catching some zeds in bed – which is why I am stealing this time to say hola!

But, as long as they have their little siesta they’re good to go in the evening – and what great company they are providing. Daddy B can’t believe his luck to have 3 girls at the table!

Holidays are a chance to break away from the daily grind, an opportunity to introduce some flexibility into your days. The Spanish have a wonderful attitude to families, and are always incredibly gracious when we roll up, buggy-in-tow, for supper.

Big D is now three and a half, and is able to stay up later without melting down. When she gets tired, she loves tracing letters and numbers in her book or colouring. On this holiday she’s really perfected her tripod grip, and has loved colouring in her Princess Sophia pictures – I’m amazed at what she can do now compared to even 6 weeks ago!

Nights down here are not the raucous ones of old, where we’d inevitably end up at Nikki Beach or the Port dancing the night away. But an altogether more civilised affair, and joyous in their own way.

It makes me immeasurably happy to watch Big D all dressed up, flower in her hair, sat up at the table making conversation, asking the waiter for a bread stick or more water and playing grown-ups. Who needs Nikki Beach?!

Wherever and whenever you take your summer holiday, have a wonderful time. If it means breaking routine slightly, so be it, that’s what holidays are for. Now, anyone for Sangria?!

Viva España!

Love Mummy B


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