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When I first became a mummy, I’d constantly ask myself, why’s it so difficult for me to make new friends? It was something I really struggled with – and still do to a degree. I did the whole NCT thing, met some fab girls many of whom have now moved out of town, or resumed their professional careers, and I found myself hanging out with with new my bestie, Big D!

While we had a lot of fun, I often found myself in the park mid-week with no adult company, looking at groups of girls all chatting away with their children and looking like they were having a great time of it.  I owed it to Big D to find her some playmates and show her how to be a confident, strong, woman.

Mummy life, can sometimes feel a little isolating, especially before your little ones can talk. Having daytime friends to share this crazy, amazing, wonderful experience with can really help. As a new Mummy, I’d attend wonderful classes like Monkey Music and Action Amanda, but be too timid to chat to the other mummies, hiding behind Big D and busying myself with her.

I sometimes wondered whether there were other mummies out there like me, – yearning to interact with others but who can’t quite get over that insecurity. The answer is that there are. Because for exactly the same reason why I hadn’t really plucked up the courage to say hi, other mummies had generally not said hi to me.

I finally resolved to break the deadlock. For Big D’s sake, I was not going to hide behind my insecurities any longer!

I was amazed how liberating it felt to have the confidence to interact and not worry at all about the response. And the response was invariably a welcome one. As mummies, we have the most wonderful thing to talk about – our children. There are so many little experiences to share, so many idiosyncrasies and anecdotes to talk about – and we can help each other just by being supportive and caring. And it all starts by saying hi!

I’ve met so many interesting Mummies in my local area through classes, nursery, play dates and kids clubs and it really helps to have stimulating adult conversation from time to time through the day. It’s also great for my girls, as they love more than anything playing with their little friends. I am so pleased for Big D to see me being confident and social and not that part of me which is naturally shy and retiring. I wouldn’t want that to rub off on her – what’s the point?!

I still struggle at times to be super open, which I think may be misconstrued as being a bit off or disinterested (really I’m just a bit socially awkward when faced with new situations), but I’m still working on it – and it takes a while to learn new tricks! All the new mummies I’ve met have been amazing.

So, if you’ve been dying to chat to that friendly mummy from the park, or your child looks like they’ve found a new buddy, go ahead and make the first move, chat up that Mummy! They’ll be so grateful that you did. Make a plan to meet, grab a coffee or go to the park. Just go for it!

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