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Who doesn’t love to dress up? I love clothes, fashion and all things sparkly and beautiful. The girls seem to be following in my footsteps – when they’re not dressed up as Elsa and Tinkerbell they’re raiding my wardrobe for my clothes/high heels to play at being mummy!

Last week, Big D had to stand up in class as part of her Mother’s Day celebration along with all her buddies say what it is that makes her love me. Apparently, it’s a combination of my beautiful dresses and that I help her bake Star Wars cupcakes, which was the sweetest! Big D has a dressing up box full of Disney princesses, witches & wizards, a lion and a ladybird. But now my little love can dress herself, she often arrives at our bedroom door first thing in full on princess regalia, and then resents being asked to switch to more ‘normal’ attire for nursery. I’m torn on how to handle these feisty fashionistas – as a part of me wants to indulge the magic of childhood and let their inner princess run free – while the other part of me knows there is a time and a place.

I’ve been thinking up a compromise to embrace a little fantasy before this fun phase is over and they have to succumb to the conformity of school uniform. Clothes should be fun and evoke a certain feeling or confidence so I’ve picked out some fab fashion pieces that pass mummy muster.

I’m besotted with Greenberry Kids, an online children’s concept store showcasing amazing Korean brands, (previously raved about!) and I love these delicate beautiful capes by Roh & Main £39.00 and the crown £30.00. Perfect for striking a compromise when going to a party with no fancy dress code when all your little one wants to do is dress up as Rapunzel!

I was introduced to Land of Small by a lovely stylish mama and her super sweet daughter confidently building sandcastles in a feather headband and some unicorn bling looking cooler than a cucumber last summer. When I saw this cat leotard and tutu by Berlin brand Noe & Zoe I had to have this cuter than cute outfit for Bid D. It’s our go-to every day staple when jeans or a dress just don’t cut it and she’s feeling like a feisty fabulous feline fashionista. Currently on sale – Leotard £25.00 and Tutu £37.60.

I could rock this dress with a leather jacket if they made it for adults. It’s all kinds of fabulous, tulle skirt, velvet, neon, pink, gold and it has pom poms…the perfect party dress. Available online from designers Atsuyo et Akiko for £78.62.


We all have that go-to shoe for when you need to feel a little bit special and these Little Miss Hug ballet pumps from Pretty Ballerinas are divine for little darlings. They are extravagant, but so are Jimmy Choo’s and why should we be the ones having all the shoe fun?!


For the boys we are back at Greenberry Kids as I had to write about the Instagram sensation that is The Bear Sock £9.00! Just have a look for yourself #bearkneehigh and you will be sold. Are they not the sweetest knee-highs to show off those cherubic chubby knees? Following on from the bear theme are these adorable Paradise Bear Ear Bottoms £19.00, perfect for cheeky little rascals.

When all your little one wants is to dress like a dinosaur but you need them looking more human, Mini Rodini has it covered with their fun T-Rex sweatshirts £39.00.

Make a royal entrance with this regal outfit fit for you’re prince. Currently on sale at Rachel Riley £49.50.

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