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Like many women in their mid-30’s, I’m always chasing new ways to keep in shape. I love to exercise and keep fit, but I also love living life, and as we all know, food is one of life’s great pleasures.  I’m not someone who can eat a plate of leaves and be happy running around all day after my Little Loves. I need to fuel my body to keep it healthy and happy.

So when my sister introduced me to Instagram sensation @TheBodyCoach, aka Joe Wicks, I was up for it.

By and by I got a little addicted to his Instragram feed. This cheeky chappy with the dark curls and, let’s face it, killer abs, cooks up delicious meals in 15 minutes to accompany his fat torching HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts.

I’ve been getting my HITT for a while now, and still love it, but my diet held me back from the body I deserve (at least that’s what Joe has me thinking).

The Body Coach’s mission is to rescue us from depressing low-calorie diets once and for all. To that end, it’s all about making the right food and having it at the right time to burn fat, build muscle and not have to starve yourself in the process.

The mantra is simple: eat more, exercise less, lose fat. Simples.

The plan is straightforward: eat 3x meals a day and 2x snacks. All meals are reduced carbohydrate recipes – unless you’ve worked out. If you’ve done your HITT (also outlined in the book), you can indulge in a carbohydrate rich refuel meal.

Since bringing out his ‘Lean In 15’ book six months ago, Joe has sold more than 1 million copies and has just released his second book.  His success is well deserved – at the nursery gates we’re all chatting about what we cooked last night – the London mummies are loving being leanies!

Aunty H can’t get enough of the beef stroganoff, Charlotte adores the grilled sea bass with minted peas and my personal favorite is terry the tuna with melon and feta (honestly, one of the best meals I’ve eaten all year)!

The slightly surprising thing is that my Little Loves are also lean winners. After seeing me whip up a quick tortilla pizza they too wanted in on the action. They love it, even with spinach – which is nothing short of a miracle for my two fussy birds.

Is this the perfect diet that’s easy to stick to because it’s delicious enough that our husbands don’t complain about eating it, yet healthy enough to see my wobbly bits melt away just in time for holidays, or could it be that, as mothers, cooking a delicious meal in 15 minutes makes light work for tired hands? Perhaps it’s both. Either way, I’m hooked!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on. Available now on Amazon for £7.49.

Love Mummy B


(Cover photo taken from my copy of the book. Sorry not to do them more justice.)


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