It’s Getting Eerie In Our House

It’s Getting Eerie In Our Housefeatured

After a wonderful weekend celebrating a friend’s wedding (loved the Lord Crewe Arms), I returned home to the girls feeling refreshed. Pumped for bath time, we decided to have a super-charged session with a spooky twist. Big D wanted to play some Halloween music, the perfect track sprung to mind, both girls were plopped in their bubble bath and I pressed play.

With MJ’s Thriller blaring out (still sounds so good!), I gave the girls my best rendition of the Zombie dance. That’s the great thing about kids – they’re the perfect audience and allow you to do the things you’d never dream of doing in public (you’ll be disappointed to hear I won’t be vlogging my Thriller moves)! Amused by the freakshow, the girls were in great spirits and I had that warm fuzzy feeling you get after a little break away. There’s no place like home!

Just as the girls were about to head off to bed, our own little Rocky Horror Show began. Big D discovered a gem stone on the carpet, so bright, pink and beautiful it must be an earring, she thought! I know, I’ll put it in my ear so I can be just like Mummy!

And with that, it was dropped in to the deepest crevice of her tiny, precious little ear. After one of those OMG moments I collected myself and reached for the tweezers, trying to carefully extract it – but to no avail. It was too deep.  I thought about sucking it out, so I found a Bic pen (ink removed), but couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. So off to A&E we scampered with a rather hysterical child – all the relaxation of the weekend undone in a flash with my stress levels soaring off the scale.

The doctors and nurses failed to extract the hidden gem, so we were sent home with a referral to come back tomorrow to see an ear specialist. The next day, and with fresh hope, we headed back for round three of wrestling with a terrified tot. My crazy little cat was not going to let anyone near her now precious ear and wriggled for Britain. I actually think she’d started to enjoy the drama – telling anyone that would listen about her bejeweled lobe.

Now the only route left for removing the alien object from Big D’s ear canal is to operate. So we’re off tomorrow to hospital and I’m terrified. Dramatic, I know, but the thought of my little love being put under general anaesthetic makes me so worried. I’m sure she’ll be ok, and that it will all be over before we know it, but it seems like such a big procedure for such a small thing – so easily and carelessly done.

Please tell your children not to put things in places they shouldn’t. I’m guilty of not sufficiently drilling in to my daughters that they must not put anything in their ears or noses (mouths yes!) #EpicParentFail in my case!

I’m sure my Pumpkin will be fine, that the nightmare will be over tomorrow and we’ll remember this and laugh in years to come.

Love Mummy B xxx


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