Introducing Scamp & Dude – Does a Superhero have your kid’s back?

Introducing Scamp & Dude – Does a Superhero have your kid’s back?featured

Proof that good can come from bad: Jo Tutchener-Sharp, beauty-industry executive turned children’s clothing entrepreneur, experienced every parent’s worst nightmare when she suffered a brain hemorrhage leading to a long stay in hospital separated from her beloved family.

Through this tough time, Jo was inspired to create a brand of children’s clothing that makes them feel loved and secure even when their parents aren’t by their side.

Jo is living proof that in darkness there can be light and having discovered her on Instagram @scampanddude, I felt super-inspired by her story.

The stylish unisex collection of clothing and interiors launched in Liberty’s just the other night and Jo is destined for big success. It’s based around two “superheroes” (Super Dino and Super Bunny), to make our lovely little people feel big and brave. Soft cuddly toys of these fabulously fun characters can also be bought as confidence-boosting comforters.With every one sold Jo donates another to a children in need which I think is lovely, so why not add one to your little loves Christmas list and give another child a brave buddy.

The clothes are bright, bold and super-cool and I suspect it won’t be long before I see Dino and Bunny cropping up in the park.  I absolutely love the super Marl T-Shirt in the featured image above paired with a tutu!

So be a superhero and check out You’ll feel inspired.

Love Mummy B


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