How to Look Great After Giving Birth

How to Look Great After Giving Birthfeatured

On Saturday afternoon, there I was, glued to the television waiting for the first glimpse of the Royal Baby.  When the moment came, I couldn’t take my eyes off Kate….Wow! I know she had a hairdresser attend hospital to give her tresses the once over – and that very clever Jenny Packham dress was genius – but there stood a true Beautiful British Birthing Goddess. A natural beauty, an elite female specimen.  In fact, is this girl Superwoman? No wonder she caught the heart of a Prince!

But is it right to fret about our appearance so soon after giving birth? I’ve read a lot on this topic lately, and there are two very clear camps. The haters, who believe we should all hang out in our tracksuits until our children a ready to leave home, and the hailers – who think totally the opposite. I think it’s clear which camp I’m in!  Kate, I salute you: with the world looking on you handled yourself like a true princess.

Now I didn’t do labor or birth with any real poise or grace, but I did leave the hospital looking well turned-out and dignified and started my life as a mother as I meant to go on – trying hard at all times to keep it together!  I also did a bit of pre-birth pampering to make sure I looked my best when I met my baby. Also, when you’re a lady-in-waiting there’s something quite lovely about a bit of TLC.

How to give birth like a princess

1. The Hair

The week before your due date, get your hair cut and coloured if necessary.  I promise you that spending hours in the hair dresser will be a thing of the past once your bundle of joy arrives and the last thing on your mind, so take this chance to enjoy some “Me” time.

2. The Wax

No explanation needed, just get it tended to the week before your due date! You probably haven’t seen the fru-fru for some months now, so the likelihood is that it needs a trim.  You don’t want your midwife having to get out the hedge cutters! Tip: Use only Hot Wax as it’s a lot more forgiving when in such a sensitive state.

3. The Nails

Get a lovely Mani & Pedi the week before.  No doubt, at this late stage of pregnancy you may have some water-retention in your hands and feet, and the accompanying massage can brighten up any uncomfortable day.  A nice French polish looks oh-so-elegant when cradling your new cherub.

4. The Spray Tan

I never did this, but I know women who have.  Each to their own, and if you feel having some colour will make you feel great, why not give it a whirl? (You would want to make sure that there are no-nasties in the spray however that could affect your baby.)

5. The Going Home Outfit

Unlike Kate, you may not wish to don a bespoke shift dress and heels to go home in (although I think a dress of some sort would be a comfortable option in Spring/Summer). You’ll probably want to look good and feel comfortable.

I opted for Seraphine Post Maternity Shaping Leggings – and didn’t take these off for a few weeks post birth.  They streamline, compress and flatter, but above all they’re wonderfully comfortable.

Pair with a pretty blouse that’s long in the body like this Libellula one from Katie & Jo. It’s a good idea to wear a maternity feeding vest underneath, just in case baby gets hungry!

Chloe Top, Dotty Print in Pale Pink

A long, lightweight cardigan can help elongate the torso, and subtle layering can disguise even the wobbliest of mum-tums. Try this one from Jigsaw as it will look great post-pregnancy and beyond!summer-slub-rice-stitch-blanket-cardigan

I enjoyed treating myself to a cheeky pair of pumps.  I love these from French Sole – who wouldn’t feel amazing wearing a pair (just in case you need reminding)?!

images6. The Make-Up

If you feel ready to go home,  get showered and pop on some make-up as this is a great way to signal to your midwife that you’re feeling good and ready to disembark. A lick of mascara, a touch of blush and a dash of gloss should have you looking picture-ready.  Your family paparazzi will want to catch every precious little special moment.

Happy departure, princesses.

Love Mummy B


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