Cool coding and capes, say hello to Hello Bezlo

Cool coding and capes, say hello to Hello Bezlofeatured

Last week, Mummy B and the girls went on an adventure to discover Hello Bezlo, a new Irish clothes brand for girls aged 2-10. The event was super fun, Big D had her face painted by The Kaleidoscope Girls, played at being a fashion designer and even tested out some whizzy gadgetry that let her control a ball via an ipad, all while Little D munched on a delicious cupcake and hung out.

There really is something unique and special about this up-and-coming brand. The brand’s inspiring founder, Clodagh Connell isn’t a Mummy, she’s a nurse and an Aunty – and was deeply inspired by her niece who isn’t a tom boy, but isn’t into the pink princessy thing either. So the brand was designed just for her, a #BezloGirl (quickly becoming a trending instagram tag). Clodagh couldn’t find clothes that she felt fitted with her niece’s truly wonderful imaginative personality. This  girl loves computers, space, climbing trees and tractors rather than tiaras and dolls: music to my ears following the Frozen frenzy!

Having seen my own sister fall in love with my girls, I know how special the Aunty bond can be and I think it’s super-cool that Clodagh’s niece is at the heart of this venture. What I love about her designs is that they’re intelligent, inspiring, dramatic, fun and good looking. I particularly love the Rocket Girl Dress with cape. Big D has a huge imagination and currently the World is a stage on which anything can happen. She recently tried to use her magic powers on some children in the park, so would absolutely love the cape! I love clothes that are wearable, different and that allow children the space to dream and let their minds take them to a special place.

While still working as a nurse, Clodagh is trying to launch Hello Bezlo through Kickstarter, a Dragon’s Den style site that allows you to pre-order some of her capsule range in order to financially assist her in getting the idea off the ground. Do check this out and if you love her dresses like I do, why not treat your rocket girl to an early Christmas gift and be part of something really new and exciting. It’s always fun to be that kid in the amazing outfit or the mum that everyone asks where your kids clothes are from. These dresses tick that box. Original, show stopping, clothes for clever little coconuts.

Watch this space  – I’m sure your daughter will want to be a Bezlo Girl!

Love Mummy B



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