Having children is a hairy business – tips for helping your hair gain condition

Having children is a hairy business – tips for helping your hair gain conditionfeatured

While pregnant with Big D, I heard all the fringe benefits of being pregnant – fabulous full hair being top of the list. Those crazy pregnancy hormones kick in and the malting stops. I’ve got relatively thick hair, but years of dying it blonde have left it slightly damaged and looking a little sorry for itself. So I was keen to make hay while the sun shone.

As predicted, the bigger my bump grew, the bigger my barnet became, and those long lustrous locks became a reality. This was brilliant – a great distraction from my all new bigger butt, which was definitely not a particularly welcome addition! That was until I stopped breast feeding and the normal levels of testosterone came flooding back and literally made my healthy hair fall out over night.

I felt a bit alarmed in the shower as my lustrous locks migrating Southwards down the plug hole. In fact, my hair wasn’t falling out completely, it was just reverting back to it’s pre-pregnant condition, but the loss rate was fairly dramatic and came as a bit of a shock!

I’ve recently had a bit of an image overhaul and gone over to the dark side for two reasons. First, I just don’t have the time to be a faux-blonde any more – and no one likes rampant roots! Coping with the demands of being a Mummy to two darlings means I must be pretty low maintenance. Second, having had my pregnancies relatively close together, the-on going hormonal rollercoaster (or was it more of a ghost train?), meant my hair had become a bit of a horror show. Daddy B told me I was worrying about nothing – and I probably was. But, as I moved in to my mid-30’s, it felt like most of the women I look at and admire have dark(ish) hair – so I decided to take the leap. I now felt less Gigi Hadid and more Rachel Weiss – after a fashion 🙂 Daddy B’s a big fan.

It’s not been an easy transition, and I’ve actually been back and fourth trying to find my perfect shade of chocolate/bronde to warm my complexion – rather than wash my face out. I think I’ve finally got there – and can already tell that the condition of my hair has improved for sparing my plumage the peroxide. I’m not saying that I won’t ever go back blonde (do they, afterall, have more fun?), but for now I’m enjoying moving over to the dark side.

Top 5 Tips for nursing your hair back to health:

  1. I found taking a fish oil supplement after birth, such as Viviscal, helped my scalp condition improve and encouraged hair growth
  2. Be careful of over colouring your hair post pregnancy. If colouring can’t be avoided – try to use an ammonia free hair dye
  3. Hold the heat! Go easy on the blow drys and hot irons. Using them a few times a week, if necessary, rather than daily will really help prevent your hair from getting dry and damaged. It will also save heaps of time
  4. Use good products. I have to admit I’ve never been one for spending much on hair products, but I’ve been trying out some Kerastase and Oribe (available at SpaceNK) – but I would suggest asking your hairdresser to give you some direction on what products best suits your hair type
  5. Try and have a good diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg – and drink lots of water

I’m now super happy that I made the transition – and at last my hair’s looking happy and healthy.

Love Mummy B




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