Happily Ever After at Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Happily Ever After at Disney’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutiquefeatured

In Big D turns 4, I wrote about a little someone who had just had their birthday. I can’t believe my little love is growing up so fast. In Val d’Isere recently, I caught up with an old friend from my ski season (who runs the amazing Arctic Cafe in Val) – he almost fell off his chair when I told him how old Big D is now.

Why does time have a way of speeding up as you get older? I feel like I’m living in fast forward. But at least life in the fast lane is a lot of fun – especially when there’s a birthday to celebrate.

Big D was lucky to receive so many lovely gifts for Christmas and, being a London family with precious little spare living space, we decided we’d gift an experience rather than add to the already exploding toy box this birthday.

So after her party at 11 Pimlico Road, a great venue with lots of natural light and space and an environment the parents seemed happy to spend their Saturday morning in (largely on account of the good coffee and croissants), we headed to Harrods for an afternoon of magic and delight.

I had no idea what to expect from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique other than that Big D would be dressed up as Cinderella, her princess of choice! (I know that some might say that indulging little girls with princesses is too gender biased, but I tend to think that it’s a bit of fun and that a dollop of Disney’s not a bad thing from time to time.)

After being greeted by her Fairy Godmother in training, we were taken through the magical doors into an enchanted world where Big D stood in front of the mirror able to talk to the original fairy Godmother (Russi Taylor’s voice filled us with nostalgia), cue tears from Mummy, Grandma and even Daddy B had a rather fizzy nose.

Big D received a makeover fit for a princess, with hair, nails and face paint done to perfection while Little D looked on in awe, enjoying all her favorite Disney anthems.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for little princesses (or brave knights), who are in their Disney love affair stage. The boutique’s in Harrods, and the experience lasts an hour, so it’s quite expensive at £200. However, for this you get an amazing experience for the whole family, centred on your little one.

Big D was able to keep her wonderfully ornate Cinderella dress (which would normally retail at about £50), which she loves, as well as a beautiful diamante tiara and hair clips, sash, make-up bag (with make-up pallet and nail varnish) and a free copy of your favorite photograph of the little princess herself.

It was a really magical experience for all of us and I’d totally recommend it if you’re looking to create a special memory.

Love Mummy B




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