Gotta Get My HIIT!!

Gotta Get My HIIT!!featured

I’ve got a new addiction – HIIT 30… half-an-hour of high intensity interval training, comprising one minute intervals of spinning and active recovery in the form of core strengthening (ie pumping iron). The class packs such a punch that an half-hour session is the equivalent of an hour in the gym – burning in excess of 500 calories. As a time pressed mummy, this compression exercise is a total winner!

My HIIT comes in the form of Wole, a gigantic man-mountain of pure muscle, who doesn’t take any prisoners. The set-up of the class is that two rows of bikes face-off against each other, British Bulldog style, with the apparatus (an assortment of weights and a climbing frame of dread) in the middle. It is set in a part of the gym that Mummy Bisson would tend to eschew at other times on account of the testosterone fuelled fug of benchpresses and barbells.

All mounted and ready to go, Mummy B and her gym buddies (fellow warriors) spur each other on – there’s a real sense of camaraderie – as troops preparing for battle.

It’s only 30 minutes, but we all know how tough it will be. As the gameshow style buzzer sounds, Wole plays David Guetta at full blast. I cycle for my life, Bridget Jones style.

In ‘active recovery’ as you move round the circuit, Wole threatens the naughty step to any stragglers not taking things seriously enough. Unlike a certain Big D, I know to do what I’m told, and push through the pain.

Press ups, kettle bells, squats, lunges and free weights – this is more active than recovery, and Mummy B feels the pain. Every time the one minute buzzer sounds, I feel relief, resolve and panic in equal measure.

At last, the final buzzer goes, I collapse on the handlebars exhausted but exhilarated.

Wole specialises in pre- and postnatal training, so I know I’m in safe hands. The class is intense, but I’ve got a long way to go before my mummy tummy’s bikini ready. But hey, if I can get there in 30 minute hits, that works for me!

Love Mummy B


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