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Some Good News to Sharefeatured

A few months ago, I posted a personal blog (Wear Sunscreen) about my sister – who’d just been told she had a malignant melanoma on her shin – to try to spread awareness about the dangers of the sun’s UV rays. It makes me so happy to say that after a lot of treatment she’s been given the all clear (hooray!!). We’re ecstatic, literally jumping for joy, and so relieved. Aunty H now has to be closely monitored in the future for peace of mind – but the great fear has passed.

While all this worry and heartache was consuming the family, a little miracle was happening. I’m over-the-moon to announce that Aunty H and Uncle F are having a second baby. Baby O is going to be a big brother and my wonderful family is growing again. There’s so much joy and happiness around me at the moment – we’ve got so much to be grateful for.

Aunty H is 13 weeks’ pregnant and had her scan this week. I’ve seen the picture of the little bean and my hunch is that it’s a little brother for Baby O – but I have been wrong many times. To celebrate this amazing time, and because nothing is more exciting than a new life, I’m adding a new focal point to Mummy Bisson – The Bump, where I will be blogging about everything pregnancy-related from conception, to birth and beyond. This will be a great guide for all those beautiful Mummies-to-be.

If you know anyone who’s expecting or thinking about starting a family, or like me just gets totally over-excited about babies, then please share Mummy Bisson with them.

Congratulations to the most amazing sister, best friend and mother!

Love Mummy B

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