Getting my Brazilian – Everything you need to know about the permanent blow dry.

Getting my Brazilian – Everything you need to know about the permanent blow dry.featured

Like lots of women, having babies didn’t exactly do wonders for my barnet. Long lustrous locks were replaced by thin, badly conditioned hair sprouting with random tufts. I’ve more chance taming my two year old than taming my tresses these days!

I took one huge leap last Summer and decided to ditch the dye bottle after 20 years of being a blondie and returned to my more natural colour (Having Children is a Hairy Business). It’s taken me until now to get used to my brunette self (which didn’t quite live up to the expectation of being transformed into the Duchess of Cambridge overnight). Sadly, I still sport medium length, rather wild frizzy hair that takes time and energy to look good – two things as a mother I’m short on.

So I thought I’d try a permanent or ‘Brazilian’ blow dry. The name itself is a little misleading, as I’d expected the treatment to give me hair that looked like I’d had a professional blow dry every day (one can dream). It doesn’t quite achieve this, but it has revolutionized my hair. I’m now on my second treatment and have healthier, longer, stronger hair that I only have to rough dry in around 7 minutes three times week (as opposed to a 30 minute daily ritual). What’s most amazing is that I’ve been able to eliminate my GHD straightening irons completely.

Here are a few facts to help decide if it’s for you:

The Treatment

A permanent or Brazilian blow dry involves the application of a keratin solution to hair to relax waves and ease frizz. It doesn’t give you poker straight hair that naturally dries perfectly. It will, as I mentioned, help make your hair much more manageable. Although technically you are chemically treating your hair, I’m told it’s not damaging and actually moisturises the locks – which is why the condition becomes so much healthier. Although the phrase ‘permanent blow dry’ suggests it’s a one off thing, it’s clearly not – the treatment lasts around three months. Then it simply wears off rather than going frizzy just at the roots.

The Process

The process takes around two hours depending on how much hair you have. Hair is shampooed, rinsed, rough dried, and the keratin solution is painted onto the hair and combed through. It’s then roughly blow dried and straightened with irons in small sections to ensure every strand is covered and the treatment is locked-in. The heat of the straighteners activates and seals the solution into the hair. (The chemical is quite strong so you will notice your eyes stinging, so best to give them a little rest.)

You are then left with poker straight hair which you will have to live with for three days before you can wash out (this is not amazing, and don’t do it if you have a fun night out planned – unless it’s fancy dress and you’re going as Morticia Adams!). In this time, avoid wetting it or getting sweaty in the gym. Do not tie or pin your hair back, just leave it and if you wake with any kinks, don’t fret, just run the straitening irons over the offending strand. After 72 hours have passed, use a sulphate-free shampoo, any conditioner and styling products you care to use and blow dry. Then feel free to go out in some damp, drizzling rain and watch your hair stay perfect: it’s nothing short of a miracle!

The Cost

Anywhere between Β£120 to Β£250 seems the price tag (at least in London). Expensive I know but I’m not a girl that spends big on beauty and I have a low maintenance mantra so I justify it by focusing on all the time I’m saving. I will no longer need to buy straighteners and ridiculously expensive hair products that promise to take the frizz out of my hair and yet never deliver results.

If you have normal hair that dries perfectly with no frizz, this treatment isn’t for you so don’t waste your money. I’d also suggest that you have the treatment in a reputable salon – otherwise it could be an expensive mistake. Have a consultation before parting with your hard-earned cash.

If you take the plunge, look forward to months of good hair days with minimal effort. Jennifer Anniston eat your heart out.

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