Get Your Freak On – Scary Fashion for Little Horrors

Get Your Freak On – Scary Fashion for Little Horrorsfeatured

Halloween’s the best. I love to dress up, love the time of year (that crisp chill still feels so fresh), and the fact that my neighborhood pulls out all the stops to celebrate this weird and wonderful time.

Shops decorate themselves (chapeau to Savills Fulham, who last year converted their entire office into a ghoulish grotto), houses get fully dressed with cobwebs and orange ooze, and the little ones get super-excited at the prospect of knocking on doors with a high-pitched “trick or treat” to be greeted with a warm welcome and a bowl of sweets. Last year, we bought three large barrels of goodies for the tricksters and were all out in 30 minutes flat. It was hectic and wonderful fun!

This week it’s all about the build-up – making sure the girls are fully whipped up into a scary frenzy. Pumpkin carving is on our agenda, reading ‘Funny Bones’ by Janet Ahlberg every night before bed (“In a dark, dark town…”), and turning our attention to outfit planning.

Big D is trying to make up her mind between a witch or a unicorn, while (fresh from last week’s trip to the Natural History Museum), Little D is hell-bent on being a scary dinosaur.

While I still like the traditional dressing up costumes, I’ve been loving all of the freaky fashion that I keep seeing for those fashionable phatasms of fun who want to dress to impress every day. I thought I’d share five pieces that are sure to make your precious pumpkins stand out in the crowd.

This trick or treat onesie is sure to make your little love cool but kinda creepy.


Tutu du Monde Trick or Treat Onsie, $115.00

All outfits in the featured image are also available online at

Making scary dreams a reality in these amazing Batjyms. Available for pre-order today to get them in time for Halloween.


The Bright Co, £28.00

For those cute little cool cats that need a little edge.


Popupshop Hooded Jumpsuit – Black Cat $39.00, Available from Noble Carriage

Have you been caught in Charlotte’s Web yet?  I certainly have and would love to get the girls a pair of these amazing shoes one day. Purrrrrfect for parties.

Incy Kitty Flats $295.00

Incy Charlotte’s Web £325

Incy Purrrfect High Tops $265

All available from Charlotte Olympia

Love the hoodie horror  for a skater skeleton look. Molo don’t just do the most funky children’s ski wear, they also have the most fun clothes lines that are ideal for kids that are not yet teenagers but too old for children’s clothes.


Molo Kids Mundoo Hoodie €69.95

Have an amazing Halloween with your funny little freaks.

Love Mummy B





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