Learning to ski with Big D

Learning to ski with Big Dfeatured

Step aside Lyndsey Vonn. There’s a new alpine ski racer in town: Big D of the Super G! Our Brown Bear extraordinaire!

I half expected Big D to take some time to come round to mountain life, but was totally shocked at how cool she was and how up for the challenge.

We arrived in Val d’Isere and headed straight to Oxygene to hire Big D a set of skis and boots. She slipped them on confidently and without complaint, reveling in the moment and seeming to take the whole thing very seriously.

The next morning, she pulled on her super-cool ski togs (Molo) and POCito helmet, looking every inch the pro. Oxygene will start teaching children from the age of 3. These “Snow Bears” get to use the snow garden and beginners area. Having just turned 4, Big D was a Brown Bear, where the technical objectives include using drag and chair lifts and to snowplough on green runs.

Big D has never been one for separation anxiety and, as we dropped her off to her lesson (she was the only girl in a class of boys up to 8 yrs), she simply bid us farewell and asked her instructor to help with her skis.

On subsequent days we’d sneak up to watch from a distance (so as not to distract her) and were amazed at how she just got on with it. And, what’s more, seemed to be loving it – totally unphased at being up on the icy mountain. Each morning, she seemed to be getting more and more excited by the prospect of her lesson and never once complained of sore knees or feet, or even the cold… unlike a certain Daddy B 😉

By the end of the week she could confidently ski down the nursery runs at pace pulling her favorite move “The Pizza Slice” (snowplough) – see video below.

At the end of the week she was slaloming in and out of cones and I was amazed at how quickly she’d progressed. When she received her medal on the final day I couldn’t have been more proud.

I had thought maybe just 4 was too early, but I don’t regret it now. Big D loved skiing and I got to share my ultimate passion with my legend of a little girl.

Next year, Little D will also give it a go (I think she felt a little peeved to be stuck in a sledge and was itching to join her big sis). Bring on next season!

Love Mummy B


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