Big D’s School Days: Act 1, Scene 1.

Big D’s School Days: Act 1, Scene 1.featured

Big D has taken her first steps through those school gates. The build up had been hanging over us all Summer with both D and I never quite knowing what to expect from this momentous change.  Naturally, she bounced out of bed that morning delighted to put on her school uniform, helped along by Little D Oohing and Aahing at all the right moments. Big D really was a big girl all of a sudden. I preened her ready for those all important photos and so that she looked the part on her first day.  She took to her scooter that morning  with steely determination, ready to leap into the unknown.

Once we reached school, a rather imposing Victorian building (which through a four year old’s eyes must look like it could be home to The BFG),  she strode up with confidence, went into her new class, sat down and just got on with it, like she’d been there for years. After prompting her to say goodbye I turned on my heels and left with a fizzy nose, clawing back those inevitable tears.

Then I had to go into the school gym for a welcome coffee (nice touch). Unlike my child, I found the whole experience a little terrifying.  I blame my sudden shyness on the emotional roller coaster I was riding. Half of me wanted to punch the air – I had somehow managed to navigate myself through the hardest and best four years of my life so far. But the other half needed to have a mini meltdown – the education system had stolen my best mate and closest companion for the past 5 years.

A friend said to me in the gym that it’s a shame they start school just as they become really great company – and it’s true. Over the Summer we’ve had so many laughs, mainly at Little D’s developing personality, it’s so clear that all of a sudden she just gets it!


Dear Big D, I love looking at this photo of us getting to know each other for the first time. You were so new then, and I didn’t have a clue what to do. But somehow, together we’ve muddled through with laughter and tears, good days and bad. And we’ve been a good little team together. You’ve taught me more in the past almost 5 years than all my years at school could teach. As you start your own little journey through those school gates, I can’t wait to watch you grow, to form your own ideas, make new friends and fulfill your own unique dreams. Already this week you tell me you want to be a pop star like Barbie – although I suggest first you might want to learn the piano! Already I can see small changes in you and you make me beam with so much pride.

I’m so excited for this new chapter, it’s going to be fun and before I blink again Little D will be running along side you on the school run just like her cool older sister.

Love you my Angel.


Love Mummy B


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