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As I’m a mother to two little girls, you’re probably asking why’s Mummy Bisson blogging about boy fashion?  And it’s true, I’m no expert. However, I am lucky to have a very special little man in my life – Baby O.

This little gent has stolen my heart with his cheeky grin and bright baby-blue eyes.  He’s a dapper fellow, with a super style conscious Mummy. But Auntie H has the same bugbear as some other Mummies of boys – viz. that the fashion choice for these little men is limited.

I hadn’t appreciated this until, when first out shopping for Baby O, it became clear that in a number of high street shops the range for little girls was an order of magnitude larger than the few rails put out for the boys.

And it’s not just the size of the shopping space that’s different, it’s the narrowness of the boys lines. There basically appears to be two choices on the high street:

1.  the little middle-aged man option (chords, checked shirt and singlet)

2.  the slogan t-shirt gimmick option (no explanation necessary)

Baby O is 8 months old now and, like Little D, is sadly coming out of his baby-grow stage. However, Auntie H isn’t a big fan of either of the above looks.

Hoping to steer my sister through her sartorial dilemma, I set out to style my nephew and discovered some great brands along the way.

The key is to get off the high street and hit the boutiques, either in-store or online.

First stop was No Added Sugar, a cool, witty brand. I adore their Cherish In & Out Check Lake harem pants £29.20 and Boom Boom Pigeon t-shirt £27.75, both currently 25% off. Their funked-up styles are durable and comfortable.

Next, a rather regal browse around Amaia – dressing your little Prince has never been easier and more fun than clicking through this online boutique. Easy to put together looks are all laid out and one click away from your shopping basket. (Who didn’t look at gorgeous Prince George yesterday as he went to meet his baby sister dressed in Amaia and want to emulate young HRH’s style?)

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the Spanish know how to dress their niños in traditional, timeless garb.  La Coqueta is a London-based brand, proudly made entirely in Spain.  The Spanish owner, a mother of 5 herself, knows a thing or two about dressing children in beautiful but functional, hard-wearing styles. The looks pictured above is just super cool for Spring/Summer days.

Still in Spain, and an exception to the avoid-the-high-street mantra, Zara can’t be faulted when it comes to style and value. I love their shorts (perfect for airing those chubby little thighs), you really can’t beat the price and quality.

Having suited and booted Baby O in today’s coolest kids get-up, the only issue now facing Auntie H is which lovely outfit to pick from his wardrobe!

Happy Shopping!

Love Mummy B


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