Double baby, double buggy?

Double baby, double buggy?featured

There’s a 28-month age gap between the two D’s and while pregnant with Little D I was convinced I wouldn’t need a double buggy. Instead, I invested in a wonderful Lascal buggy board – which I loved (in my opinion better than the Bugaboo equivalent, as you can walk comfortably behind it rather than being forced to the side). Big D was going to love riding on the board like a cool cat, Marty McFly style!

The fact is, I loved my Bugaboo Chameleon, especially when it was a bassinet. Memories of lazy walks with Big D snug in her pram were so dear to my heart and I wanted Little D to share the same level of comfort – not be forced to slide into the lower deck of a stacker for the sake of convenience! The other thing was cost – a decent double buggy sets you back £400 – £1000 – and with Big D’s travel McLaren I already had two prams in my life (and in my house).

The buggy + buggy-board combo worked well for a few months. In those early days I didn’t venture too far with the two of them in tow. Nursery drop-offs and supermarket sweeps were about as much as I dared.

The other transport device I relied on was the Baby Bjorn (love, love, love) for carrying Little D with Big D climbing into the pram. This was often the way we’d roll after nursery pick-up.  Big D would have burnt out playing and learning with her pals and would literally be too tired to stand – so even the buggy board was out.

While the buggyboard/baby-bjorn combo worked well for a few months, when I developed the confidence to venture further afield not having a double buggy was no longer an option. Having scoped out what the local mummies in my area were using, I decided on Phil & Teds Dot. Its sporty good looks and double child stacking design meant that Mummy B would be a slick, lean, transportation machine. In fact, it looks so cool that people would stop and stare – amazed when they discovered a second child slotted in underneath!

We had fun for a few months, although if I’m honest I found the Dot too heavy as the two girls grew (my core wasn’t what it used to be pre-bambinos!).

Before long though, Little D began to object to riding on the lower deck, and Big D decided she’d rather scoot anyhow.  I think I actually used the double buggy for around 8 – 10 weeks in total. In hindsight, I wish I’d persevered and made do for a little bit longer with what I had already.

My sense from all of this is that if you have two babies under the age of two, a double buggy is probably a necessity. But if you have a bigger age gap the likelihood is you’ll be able to cope by hook or by crook. There’s a real space and expense saving if you can. It’s easy to convince yourself that you always need something different, especially with whizzy baby/toddler gadgetry coming out all the time luring us in. (I’m slightly guilty of being a Mummy that will literally buy anything that promises to make my life a little easier!)

In fact, I’m suffering from pram envy at the moment. Aunty H has just bought herself a Baby Zen YoYo buggy for traveling. I had a go behind her shiny new wheels on holiday and turned a little green. The Yoyo folds up so small it works as hand luggage – which is super convenient. This has to be the perfect second buggy option. I’m not sure Daddy B will allow me to add to my fleet, so I think I may have to start selling some of my much loved prams off if I want to keep up with the crowd!

If you’re pregnant with number two and thinking through your options, I hope this helps!

Love Mummy B



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