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Big D brought home a lovely Christmas card she’d designed at nursery the other week, ready to be sent off to the printers. Not wanting to leave Little D out of this personalised card malarkey, I thought we’d have a go at some more designs at home. To get us into the Christmas spirit, Aunty H and Cousin O came to our painting party.

My sister and I were a comedy pair trying to control three little ones with limbs covered in paint, but we had a ball and although the cards we designed are by no means perfect, they were made with love and laughs and I’m sure they’ll be much appreciated by grandparents and family.

I popped into my local Wilko to pick up all the crafty essentials at a bargain price and we were set to make a mess and have some fun.  Here’s what we did – but remember, it’s a two person job and you might need to ask a friend to help!

Cousin O’s foot and hand red nosed reindeer

Cousin O was first to get messy – generously paint one foot brown mixing the red and green paint together to get your desired shade of brown. Once the whole foot is covered, hold the wriggling child in a standing position while your friend carefully places the foot on the card to create the head of the reindeer. With wet wipes close to hand, wipe away the excess paint. Then paint each hand one at a time to create the antlers. Once the card is dry, stick on the eyes and nose and add snow using your child’s fingers.





Little D’s Mistletoes

Little D was a little less willing when it came to her creation, but we got there with a little coaxing and I found out my little love has very ticklish toes. As before, paint the bottom of the foot but this time using green paint for the sole and white paint for the toes. We did one foot at a time but if your child is a little more chilled with you covering him/her in paint you could try the double foot drop manoeuvre on to the card! Hand paint a lovely red festive bow. Finally, add some finger print snow and you’ve got some sweet little Mistletoes!


Big D’s Christmas Tree

As Big D is a little more artistically advanced, she wanted to design her own card. She coloured in and cut out (with a little helping hand) the Christmas tree. Then stuck it on to the card using a glue stick and cut out lots of shapes to decorate the tree. I gave her a little help with the presents for under the tree and the star then, like the others two munchkins, she added a little finger print snow.

We have now sent them off to Total Knockout for printing and hope to receive them back in a day or two. This great company can also make your designs into coasters, puzzles, trays etc.. However, if you just want to make a one-off design for a special Daddy or teacher you can.

Have a very happy Advent with your little puddings.

Love Mummy B





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