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Big D’s birthday bash, a Frozen extravaganza, is finally upon us. The excitement in the house is electric – Big D is bouncing off the walls and listing all her friends that will be there – and the fact that she IS Elsa.

Party bags are all packed with goodies, lunch boxes filled and Big D’s Elsa dress hangs ready.  I’m so lucky to have a wonderful extended family and friends to draft in to help with these special events.

Everyone has a role and with only an hour to make over the church hall, it must all come together with military precision.

I’ve made countless lists of everything I need, so nothing gets forgotten. (Last year I forgot to bring the knife to cut the cake and only realised at the last moment – surrounded by 20 toddlers smacking their chops expectantly – poor Daddy B had to make a dash back to the house.)

Big D’s friends have done a wonderful job dressing up as their fave Frozen characters. Plenty of beautiful Elsas, Annas, a number of the littler ones dressed as Olaf and a very handsome Christoph. The soundtrack is going on loop, and ‘Let it Go’ peels out in this beautiful old church hall. It’s all quite magical, particularly with the fairly lights twinkling around the room.

The icing on the cake was a real life Anna and Elsa, provided by Tinkerbella Parties. As the little ones arrived with their mummies and pressies, it was a joy to see their little faces as they saw their Frozen heroes in the flesh.

After lots of dance, song and games it was time to eat.  I tried to make the food as organic and healthy as possible, but these savvy three year olds know the good stuff and expect their party sugar hit.  So as they all sat down I set my clock and anticipated the high.

Euphoric with excitement (and barely a tear in sight), the party seemed a great success.  The adults seemed to enjoy themselves too, particularly with the popcorn that I had expected to give the children but which ended up being leftovers for the parents!

Big D had the most wonderful time and I had a warm fuzzy feeling as I sat down that evening with a well earned glass of wine and relaxed with Daddy B.

Who knew being a Mummy could be this much fun!

Love Mummy B


Top 5 Party Tips

Invites – Invite as many or as few children as you want.  Do not feel pressured to invite an entire nursery/school class.  Take into consideration your child’s personality.  If you have a child that is quiet and shy in large groups, keep the gathering small and intimate.  As long as you make the event feel special they will have the most magical time.

Organisation – this is key to having a seamless event and allowing you to enjoy the party.  After all, it is so important to actually participate and live the memory rather than rushing around stressing.

Timing – Keep the party to two hours maximum.  Any more than this and the children start to get tired and irritable.

Don’t forget the parents – Remember that the parents have given up two precious hours of their weekend to come and celebrate with you, so make them feel special.  Do provide some refreshments, if you notice that no one is helping themselves start to hand things around.  I had mini boxes of popcorn, which went down very well.

Fantastic Food – Get creative, but try to keep things as healthy and organic as possible.  Children love having their own box of delights to open!

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