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A Spoonful of Something Healthy…featured

Like all Mums, I worry about the amount of sugar my children eat. Big D has always been such a great, healthy, eater but recently she’s begun turning down her hearty home cooked meals, pleading instead for ice-cream and biscuits.

I try really hard not to give in, but at the same time childhood isn’t quite complete without some sweet snacks (as Mary Poppins said “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…”) – and I occasionally relent.

Holidays are particularly difficult and, after our slightly over-indulgent trip to St Lucia, it was clear Big D had consumed a little too much of the sugary stuff! Now we’re back, and I’m trying to get things on track again.

I am also guilty, as I too am a self-confessed sugar monster.  Daddy B and I will often wind down after a long day, watching a box-set and indulging in a large bar of dark chocolate.

Keen to try and cut the bad stuff out, I invested in the cook book, Deliciously Ella, to introduce a few more healthy recipes into our lives.  We love fresh, delicious, food made from scratch but when I opened the book I also happily discovered mouthwatering recipes for cakes, biscuits and puddings.

I thought I’d try one such recipe out with Big D – to see if she could be tricked into eating an healthy alternative to the usual sugary, salty, processed snack I can so easily pick up in the supermarket. We chose to make flapjacks, yum! Treats like these are great to have in the larder to refuel hungry tummies after nursery and trips to the park.

The great thing about Ella’s flapjacks is that, instead of the heaped tablespoons of demerara sugar and ladles of syrup you find in traditional recipes, her ingredients are all healthy and natural, including bananas, cashew nut butter and coconut oil.

Big D loves to stand on her little stool and help Mummy B bake, and was delighted to help mix the oats and squish the bananas.

We were all very excited to do the taste test. As Ella had promised, they were delicious. Big D gobbled down her fair share and they were even a hit with Little D.

As Little D has always been a fussy eater, and hates to be spoon fed, these nutritious delights have now become her breakfast staple of choice (and Mummy B’s too if I have to be on the go).

I’ve emptied my cupboards of all nasty processed snacks (although Daddy B insists on retaining at least one bar of Green & Blacks at all times), and made a pledge to my family to try and be organised enough to always have healthy, home baked, goodies to hand.

Thank you, Deliciously Ella, for the wonderful recipe – I look forward to trying others!

There are more wonderful recipes in this book and I really would highly recommend buying it to try some baking with your little ones with lots of hidden goodness!

Love Mummy B



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