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Bring out the bunting, pop the corks: is one!

12 months ago, I took the totally uncharacteristic step of publishing a portion of my life and thoughts online. I had some spare time (Daddy B sometimes works late), and loads of ideas that I wanted to share. But I was also very shy and totally IT illiterate.

Pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing something new and different, like building a webpage, are things I’m really proud of.

Strangely, having this little blog has given me more confidence generally, whether at the nursery gates or dealing with contractors on properties. Having to be open on social media has made me more openly social in life.

With 25,000 views, I think it’s fair to say the blog hasn’t quite gone viral –  but its come a long way and I love to look back on its journey. The most amazing thing is that you all like to read it all over the world, which I find super cool! Thank you so, so much.

The motivation for the blog was to teach myself some new skills and create a new diversion. Something I could do in my spare time, at little cost and as much or as little as I liked.

Life as a young mummy was moving at a million miles an hour, and I wanted to make sure that I captured some of it, hopefully the best bits, whether in photos, film or prose. I never really took many photos of day-to-day life before, and when I did it was a case of point-and-click with no thought to the artistry of the shot. I’m no David Bailey(!), and sometimes I feel like a bit of a narcissist, but I’m so pleased the blog has made me take the time to chronicle our still hectic little lives with photos the girls will love to look at in years to come.

There’s something cathartic about sitting and writing a blog, particularly when a mummy day has not gone smoothly and I think I’m failing. In the chaos of motherhood, writing about the ups and downs somehow helps make sense of it all.

I haven’t found blogging easy, it’s a huge commitment – especially when you have other more important obligations things, like bringing up a family or having a career, but it has given me a creative outlet that is all mine. I never went into it knowing how much I would enjoy keeping a kind of diary and living more consciously in the moment, but when I look back over the last year and all the posts (100 of them including this one), it makes me really happy.

It has its challenges and it’s super-hard to grow something from nothing, which has been an important lesson to learn. I now realise that writing good content isn’t enough to make a blog successful – it’s all in the self-promotion, which I’m hopeless at, but I’m taking some baby steps towards increasing my social media presence. Without such wonderful readers that feel my content is worthy to like and share around the web, no one would even know I’m here so I’m incredibly grateful for your support.

The next year I hope to grow this wonderful little community further. I’ll be really excited to introduce a new featured guest blogger (a baby specialist), who will be talking about sleep issues, breast feeding and giving great advice.

It would be amazing if more of you commented on posts or contacted me privately to let me know what you think, if you have any ideas on new blogs, or want to collaborate.  Writing can be a rather insular activity and I’d love it if topics become more of a conversation. Quite often I write because I’m experiencing something new and I’d love to hear your opinions or helpful hints.

Hope to hear from you, keep sharing and thanks so, so much for reading!

Love Mummy B




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